Faculty Honors Advisors

Faculty Honors Advisors (FHAs) are regular faculty members in disciplinary units, who guide all honors students in their units.  They are the link between Barrett and the disciplinary units and, thus, invaluable members of the Honors Faculty at ASU.  We compensate FHAs financially at a level tailored to the size of the honors student cohort in their units.  We would like all financially supported FHAs to do the following.

  1. Meet with all of the BHC students in your unit, either individually or as a group. Several FHAs have found that meetings of all honors students benefit the younger students substantially.  Our Honors Advisors can help with those meetings.  Please contact the following by campus: TEMPE: Alexandra Aragon, Director of Academic Advising (480-727-6993); POLYTECHNIC: Brady Hamilton, Honors Advisor, (480-727-5539); DOWNTOWN: Miranda Schultz, Honors Advisor (602-496-0557); WEST: Liz Marini, Honors Advisor (602-543-3410).
  2. Host a meeting each year to discuss the honors thesis and creative project process, including all upper division honors students in your unit.  You may want to include faculty who have directed theses/creative projects.  Barrett staff and administrators would be happy to attend.  Please contact Dr. Karen Bruhn (480-727-6721), the new Dean’s Fellow in Barrett, or any of the honors advisors listed above.  In addition, please help communicate to your students the new thesis/creative project preparation requirement and the new policy on thesis/creative project committee structure. http://barretthonors.asu.edu/academics/thesis-and-creative-project/
  3. Direct students to faculty who match their interests and might be willing to work with them on research, internships, and thesis/creative projects. Lower division students have as much need for this kind of support as do upper division students.  Barrett has a research and internship office that can help.  If you would like help listing your research opportunities or internships, or need help advertising them to students, contact Cassandra Saenz , who coordinates research and internship information in Barrett.
  4. Update your document describing the honors experience in your unit. These guidelines can include courses that are available as honors contracts, honors seminars or breakout sections, faculty who wish to work with honors students, research and internship opportunities. Dr. Karen Bruhn (480-727-6721) is available to work on this with any FHA.
  5. Update your document educating honors students about the thesis/creative project experience in your unit, including:
    1. what constitutes a thesis/creative project within your unit,
    2. what advantages are gained in career graduate/professional school opportunities,
    3. what preparation is necessary for working on a thesis/creative project (skills, coursework),
    4. which faculty are interested in working with honors students on the thesis/creative project, and
    5. with whom should honors students speak when considering a thesis/creative project  in your unit.
  6. For help formulating this document (which can be combined with #4) contact Dr. Karen Bruhn.
  7. Meet with prospective students (mostly national scholars) who are being recruited to Barrett and your unit.  You also simply can tell us with whom the prospective students should meet in your department, if there are others beside yourself.  If you have questions about recruiting contact Michelle Brown-Hollin (480-965-1520), Director of Barrett Recruiting.
  8. Attend one meeting each semester in Barrett to provide feedback to the College, discuss issues with the FHAs in other units, and get updates.

You may contact the following with any additional questions: Ramsey Eric Ramsey, Associate Dean for Barrett at West (rer@asu.edu), Olga Davis, Associate Dean of Barrett Downtown (Olga.Davis@asu.edu); Tom Sugar, Associate Dean of Barrett at Polytechnic (Thomas.Sugar@asu.edu); Peggy Nelson, Vice Dean of Barrett (mnelson@asu.edu); Karen Bruhn, Barrett Dean’s Fellow working with FHAs (Karen.Bruhn@asu.edu); and Michele Trejo, Staff Contact for FHAs (Michele.Trejo@asu.edu)

Click here for a current list of Faculty Honors Advisors