Celebrating Honors Thesis Symposium

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Tuesday, April 14th from 4:30pm - 6:30pm at Barrett Tempe Complex

The Celebrating Honors Symposium of Research and Creative Projects is a Barrett signature event that happens annually each Spring and highlights the many exceptional presentations designed by students to exhibit their senior theses and creative projects. The displays include posters, video projects, built objects and power point presentations.

The symposium is open to Barrett students completing a thesis/creative project from a variety of academic disciplines, and it offers the opportunity to showcase research to the university community. Research submissions are in poster format and members of the entire ASU and Phoenix metropolitan community often come to see what has become an exciting annual Barrett signature event.


To submit a project for consideration, please complete the following application by March 09, 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions


Please visit our FAQs page for more information about the Celebrating Honors Symposium, dates, deadlines, poster guidelines, etc.


Sample Abstract Booklet


See examples of the Celebrating Honors Symposium booklet of all selected student projects.


Past Student Projects


View past students and their Celebrating Honors Symposium projects through the years.


Poster Templates & Guidelines

View poster templates and guidelines or watch the video located in the sidebar.

Celebrating Honors Symposium 2014 - Group Photo