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What is the Celebrating Honors Symposium of Research & Creative Projects?

Celebrating Honors Symposium of Research and Creative Projects is a Barrett signature event that highlights the many exceptional presentations designed by students to exhibit their senior theses and creative projects. The displays include posters, video projects, built objects and power point presentations.

What is the day and time of the Symposium?

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 in the Barrett Academic Court

2:00 p.m.Students with scheduled interviews (Barrett Marketing will confirm with selected students)
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.Students check in & set up
4:30 p.m.Symposium begins
5:30 p.m.Remarks by Dean Jacobs and Dean Nelson
6:00 p.mSymposium ends
6:15 p.m.Dinner honoring students and faculty

Where can I find the application form?
Applications are available here. The application deadline is on March 12, 2018.

How do I apply if I have a group thesis/creative project?
When you register your project, you will be asked to submit all of the names of the people in your group alphabetically by last name. As the person who registers the project, you will act as the point of contact, receiving the informational emails and assuming the responsibility of communicating with the other team members.

If only part of my group can attend, can we still submit an application?
Yes, but we recommend that the majority of your team is able to attend the Symposium on April 10.  Projects may not be left unattended during the event.

What are the deadlines for the Symposium?


January 29

Application Period Begins

March 12

Application Deadline

March 16

Acceptance Notices

March 4-11

Spring Break

March 30

Poster Print Deadline with Barrett Events Office

April 10

Celebrating Honors Thesis & Creative Project Symposium

Please carefully review these deadlines before submitting your application.

When will I find out if my project is accepted for display at the Symposium?
A committee will review all submissions and make selections by March 13; you will receive an email notifying you at or before that time.

Should I present my work as a poster, a computer-based display, or a 3-dimensional display?
Poster displays and 3-dimensional displays are the most common submissions for the symposium.  We do not encourage students to use powerpoints to present their research if they are able to convert their work into a poster.  Powerpoints are the least user-friendly method for showcasing your work during the symposium due to space limitations and sound issues.

Who is allowed to attend this event? Can I invite anyone (family/friends)?
Yes, we hope you will invite as many guests to the Symposium as you wish.  The Symposium is a free non-ticketed event and all friends, family and colleagues are welcomed to attend.  Please understand that the dinner portion is restricted to you and your thesis/creative project director.

If I invite guests/family/friends, do they need to buy or reserve tickets?
No, the Symposium is a non-ticketed, free event. Parking for guests will be available in the Rural Road Visitor Parking, accessed from Rural Road & Terrace Ave. The fee for the structure is $3 per hour.

When and how can I request materials (tables, chairs, etc.) for the Symposium?
When you submit your project for the Symposium, you will indicate your equipment needs on the application form. For posters, Barrett will provide the tack boards and thumbtacks for display. For computer-based displays, Barrett will provide a table and access to power.  Students are responsible for providing their own computer equipment and extension cord. There is also a section for “other” display requests and we will do our best to fulfil all requests but there is no guarantee.

What if I am unsure of how to create the poster for my project?
Please view the Poster Video that provides you with tips and tricks to create a great looking poster. If you need additional assistance, please contact Barrett Evens at barrettevents@asu.edu. Please click here to read about poster guidelines and how to submit it for print.

Students have the option of submitting posters to Barrett for printing in-house free of charge if submitted by the deadline or going to an outside printer [Kinkos, etc. – cost is approximately $90].

Due to high volume, the deadline to submit your poster via email, dropbox or thumb drive to the front desk at Honors Hall ON or BEFORE  MARCH 30, 2018 so it is important to plan ahead.  (Posters will not be printed after this deadline, no exceptions. Alternative options are available with other printers.) 

Please click here to read about poster guidelines and how to submit your poster for print.

What time do students report for set up?
Students will need to check in and set up between 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. on April 10, 2018. Please email barrettevents@asu.edu if you need additional accommodations.

What’s the schedule for this event?

The general timeline for April 10, 2018:

  • 2:00 Students with scheduled interviews (Barrett Marketing will confirm with selected students)
  • 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.  All students check in, space assignment, project set up, individual photos
  • 4:30 project viewing
  • 5:30 remarks from the Dean and special guests
  • 5:50 resume project viewing
  • 6:00 event conclusion & tear down
  • 6:15 Celebrating Honors dinner for presenters and their thesis/creative project directors only

Will I be presenting my poster the entire time, or will there be time to listen to any speakers there?
Celebrating Honors format is simultaneous viewing – there are no individual presentations.  You should plan to remain with your project for the entire event in order to explain your work.

Assuming pictures will be taken at the event, how do I acquire these pictures?
The Celebrating Honors photos will be posted on the Barrett Facebook page.  As with all public events, you or your project may be photographed.  Such photographs may be used for Barrett marketing purposes only.

At the end of the event, do I get to keep my poster?
Yes.  You will remove your poster and/or other supplies and equipment and take it all with you at the conclusion of the event.

Summary of important dates for Celebrating Honors:

March 12

Application Deadline

March 9

Acceptance Notices

March 4-11

Spring Break

March 30

Poster Print Deadline with Barrett IT Office

April 10

Celebrating Honors Symposium of Research and Creative Projects



Please contact barrettevents@asu.edu with questions.