Centennial Lecture

2018 Centennial Lecturer: Norah O'Donnell

Norah Odonnell headshot

Barrett, The Honors College hosted Norah O'Donnell as the 2018 Flinn Foundation Centennial Lecturer, featuring her keynote titled “An Evening with Norah O'Donnell.”

Norah O’Donnell is the co-host of CBS This Morning as well as a contributor to 60 Minutes. As a veteran Washington correspondent she has covered six presidential elections and traveled around the globe to interview some of the world’s most notable figures in her more than two decades as a journalist. In an insightful program, O’Donnell will share her shrewd observations and keen insights on everything from the personalities and politics driving Washington, the role of women in politics and media, her experience with Melanoma and her upbringing in a military family. 



History of the Flinn Foundation Centennial Lecture

In 1985, the Flinn Foundation established an endowment to commemorate the University’s 100th year. The gift created the ASU Centennial Lecture, and in 1989 it provided the Barrett Honors College the resources to bring some of the world’s most influential intellects to campus.

In just a few short years, the Centennial Lecture has become one of ASU’s premiere intellectual events featuring noted diplomats, scientists, playwrights, and authors. Each of the women and men chosen as the Centennial Lecturer has added significantly to the strength of the University, and each has provided students and members of the community with a memorable experience.

Year Presenter Title
2017 Titus Kaphar
2016 Henry Cisneros
2015 Sherman Alexie
2014 Sandra Postel
2013 Michael Pollan
2012 Sylvia Nasar
2011 Oscar Arias
2010 Edward James Olmos
2009 Joel Meyerowitz
2008 Leonard Downie, Jr
2007 Anna Quindlen
2006 Jules Feiffer
2005 Kathleen Sullivan
2004 Edward Albee
2003 Charles Johnson