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The Barrett Circuit

Barrett students are encouraged to take advantage of an array of opportunities that enrich the honors experience, including making connections with Barrett peers from all four campus locations.

Each campus hosts a unique signature event that all Barrett students, regardless of campus location, are invited to attend. These events are known as the “Barrett Circuit” and allow students to engage with the larger Barrett community. Bring your friends and experience all that Barrett has to offer!

Dinner Down the Orchard

Dinner Down the Orchard
Polytechnic Campus
November 9, 2018
Contact: Ash.March@asu.edu

Come join Barrett at Poly for at a local orchard. At this event, enjoy farm fresh food served in a comfortable, outdoor banquet setting. With plenty of time to mingle with friends, and meet new ones, close out the semester with elegance and style at Dinner Down the Orchard!

Womyn's Collegiate

Womyn's Collegiate Leadership Conference
West Campus
March 15, 2019
Contact: Sasha.Billbe@asu.edu

The Womyn’s Collegiate Leadership Conference is an opportunity for students and ASU community members from all over to come together to share their perspectives and insights on a variety of topics concerning women and underrepresented groups.  The conference is dedicated to education and empowerment.  The call for program proposals opens in October and students from all campuses are encouraged to apply.

Red Carpet Event

Red Carpet Event
Downtown Campus
February 21, 2019; 7-10 p.m.
Contact: Kelsey.Dean.1@asu.edu

Barrett Downtown requests your presence at Red Carpet: Culture & Couture, where art and life collide. Join us at the Phoenix Art Museum for an evening celebrating the art, culture, and music of Downtown Phoenix. Attendees are encouraged to wear their best MET Gala inspired ensemble.

Gold Standard Awards

Gold Standard Awards
Tempe Campus
April 16, 2019
Contact: Rachel.DiDonna@asu.edu

Spend an evening under the Gold Dome on the Tempe campus at the 3rd annual Gold Standard Awards Ceremony! All students, staff, and faculty are invited to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Barrett students from all four campuses over the past academic year.