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“How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be?”-  Vincent Van Gogh

At Barrett, The Honors College we ask ourselves the very questions that Van Gogh pondered. How can we be useful? How can we be of service to our community? How can academic pursuits and service be combined for the good of our college and community? What do we have to offer?

Barrett students, faculty and staff are committed to answering these questions and finding paths to service. Students participate in community service and social entrepreneurship. They give their intellectual talents, time, energy and capabilities in many ways – from creating social ventures that assist the less fortunate in our community to cooking meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House, from helping clean up a riparian area near downtown Phoenix to teaching elementary school children to read, play instruments, and act in theatrical productions, and more, honors students are constantly giving back to their community. Likewise, Barrett staff and faculty participate in many philanthropic activities, including fundraising events for non-profit organizations, school beautification projects, clothing and school supply drives, and community dialogues aimed at finding solutions to pressing societal issues.

As a college, we at Barrett pledge to foster and support service initiatives for the betterment of our community. On this page, you will find more information about our community service efforts.

Community Dialogue Series

The Barrett Honors faculty are pleased to announce a new series of Community Dialogues--public events aimed to involve students, faculty, staff and the wider public in conversation about issues affecting our local, national, and global communities. Our first three dialogues will explore immigration and ethics, the role of the arts in building bridges, and mindfulness meditation as a technique for enabling civil discourse about hot-button issues. Future dialogues will focus on such topics as microaggression, the practice of listening, inter-religious understanding, and much more.

Topic/Title Dialogue Partner Guest Datesort descending
The future of Public Education in Arizona Faculty Fellow Ben Fong Noah Karvelis of #RedforEd with Barrett Honors September 2018
The Causes and Effects of the Humanitarian Crisis in Syria Faculty Fellow Nev Koker Yisser Bittar of the Karam Foundation with Barrett Honors October 2018
Migration, Death and Hope in the Sonoran Desert Faculty Fellow Abby Wheatley Members of the Aguilas del Desierto with Barrett Honors November 2018
Music without Borders Honors Faculty Fellow Nev Koker Mohammad Tahboub and Abdul-Wahab Kayyali of Duo Juthoor March 2019
Family (Un)Separation: The Mother's Day Bail-Out Honors Faculty Fellow Rachel Fedock Nicole Hale of LUCHA April 2019
Undeterred: The Struggle to Live Humanely on the Border Michael Ostling Sophie Smith of People Helping People on the Borderlands September 2019

Community Service Projects

Both Barrett staff and faculty participate in community service projects throughout the semester. Click on each project to view a photo gallery of our continuing efforts to serve our community. Please check our event calendar for upcoming community service projects here.

Student Life – Service

To be a member of Barrett, the Honors College, is to be a member of a community of scholars dedicated to engaging in service that enriches the local, national and global community. Through meaningful volunteer activities, Barrett students are ambassadors outside the walls of academia where they build rich personal and professional relationships.