Barrett alums Scott Kaufmann and Adrian Monaco maintain ties to help honors students

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September 7, 2018

Scott Kaufmann says he plans to be an advocate for Barrett Honors College for “the long haul.”

Scott Kaufmann

Kaufmann graduated Arizona State University in 2002 with bachelor’s degrees in finance and marketing and honors from Barrett. In 2008, he received a master’s degree in real estate development from the W.P. Carey College of Business at ASU.

“When I look back at the most important time in my life, Barrett was a part of it,” he said.

Kaufmann is partner at the Lucid Agency, a digital marketing, advertising, design and technology firm he founded in 2006. The agency has offices in Tempe and Chicago.

After graduation, Kaufmann put his energies into starting his company. In 2012, he received the Sun Devil 100 Award from ASU and returned to campus for an awards event that reconnected him with his alma mater.

Kaufmann said that while accepting the Sun Devil 100 award he reflected on his university experience and decided he wanted to help support and promote ASU and Barrett.

Now, despite a busy schedule, Kaufmann takes out time to serve on Barrett Honors College’s Campaign 2020 Cabinet, an organization of alums and supporters who help strategize ways the honors college can  accomplish its fundraising goals.

He also comes back onto campus to speak with students about his Barrett experience and the value of the honors college.

“I talk about how it impacted me and helped me get to where I am today. I got a great education at ASU and Barrett with much less cost than an Ivy-league or private university,” he said.  

Kaufmann said his parents encouraged him to join the honors college for the academic challenge and opportunities.

“I loved having the resources of a world class university with a small honors college like Barrett, with personal relationships and advice academically and professionally. Also Barrett forced me to take a different approach, I couldn’t just skate by (in classes),” he said.

In 1999, Kaufmann participated in the honors college’s study abroad in Paris. “I have best friends from that trip who are still my friends today,” he added.

His association with the honors college also helped him land his first job. 

“When I got my first job they hired me because I had the honors college on my resume. It was a small start-up and they told me later it was important in their decision to hire me. For that, I was super grateful,” he said. 

In addition to his help with fundraising, he assists with alumni communications and social media strategies, including the Barrett alumni Facebook group page, LinkedIn and email campaigns to promote the ASU 2020 campaign. Kaufmann said he hopes to help grow the Barrett alumni group in Chicago, since he plans to spend more time in the Windy City for business.

“To me this is a lifelong thing. I love advocating for the honors college. I have three degrees from ASU and my favorite part of it all was Barrett. I’m in it for the long haul. I would like to help for many years to come,” he said.

Adrian Monaco shares Kaufmann’s passion for Barrett.

Adrian Monaco

Monaco, graduated with honors in 2011 with a double major in management and marketing with a certificate in international business.  He was active in the student chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management and studied abroad in Paris for a semester.

Now he is vice president and head of U.S. marketing for Citigroup’s commercial bank division in New York City.

He is Barrett’s regional representative for alumni in New York and acts as a resource for alumni and students. He also maintains the Barrett New York alumni Facebook page.

Monaco believes that Barrett, the W.P. Carey School of Business and the Investment Banking Industry Scholars at ASU provide a crop of talented students he can tap into to fill internships and jobs at Citigroup.

“I’m always look for opportunities to share with Barrett students and encourage them to apply,” Monaco said. 

“Barrett students are the type of talented people Citigroup is looking for. I think that Barrett students are as qualified, if not more, than anyone else who applies. Barrett students are hard working and willing to put in the effort. Their talent is equal, if not surpassing, that of Ivy league graduates,” he said.

Monaco also said Barrett’s diverse student body is an asset when looking for qualified candidates for internships or jobs.

“I love talking to students, listening to them, and learning about their experiences. There is so much diversity at Barrett. People who come from all backgrounds would be a good fit at Citi. We value people of diverse backgrounds and ideas. Barrett is great for that.”

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