Barrett Faculty Fellow Stephanie deLusé recognized for teaching and mentoring

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May 8, 2019

Congratulations are in order for Stephanie deLusé, Barrett Honors College Honors Faculty Fellow, who recently received accolades for her dedication to teaching and mentoring of students.

Stephanie deLuse with students

Stephanie deLuse (middle) at the Faculty Women's Association awards event on April 17, with students (left to right) Micah McCreary, Kaley Scott and Jim Stickell. and Barrett Vice Dean Nicola Foote (far right).



DeLusé is the recipient of the 2019 Faculty Women’s Association Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, which recognizes faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding mentorship to students and/or to other faculty members, particularly women and other underrepresented groups. Thirty-one nominations for the award were submitted this year and 13 faculty members were honored with the award.

She is the fourth Barrett Honors Faculty Fellow to win the award. Jenny Brian received the award last year, Patrick Grzanka won in 2014, and Jacquelyn Scott Lynch was recognized in 2011.

She received several nominations from students, all singing her praises as an instructor, mentor and advisor.

“Dr. deLusé is an impeccable embodiment of the expertise, inquisitiveness, and compassion that make a mentor impactful,” said Aryn Kodet, a Barrett student for whom deLusé served as a thesis director.

“Dr. deLusé has demonstrated these capabilities by her mentorship of 44 teaching assistants, 30 independent study students, and her work with 18 thesis students. As one of these thesis students myself, I can honestly say the mentorship I received from Dr. deLusé has been absolutely invaluable to my college experience and personal development,” Kodet added.

Kaley Scott, took several classes taught by deLusé and worked as her teaching assistant. She said deLusé is dedicated to inclusivity and provides personal support that translates into student success.

“She has established a safe and growth-centered learning environment that pushes her students to new heights, allowing them to develop their own abilities,” Scott said.

Another student, Micah McCreary, said deLusé “is a spectacular mentor who has had a profound influence on a very large number of students, including myself. She is a caring, friendly and patient teacher who is always willing to offer a word of advice, a book recommendation, or even just a word of conversation to anyone who might ask. She helps her students see more in themselves, push themselves, and aspire to be greater than they thought possible.”

DeLuse said she was not expecting to receive the Faculty Women’s Association Award at an event in mid-April.

“I was surprised and delighted when they called me to the stage,” she said.

A faculty member can receive the award only once, “so I appreciate having it now but will do my best to keep living up to the name,” she added.

In addition to the Faculty Women’s Association Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award, deLusé was given the 2018-19 Barrett Honors College Award for Teaching Excellence. The award, based on nominations from Barrett faculty and staff, recognizes a faculty member for noteworthy contributions to teaching in the honors college, as well as positive engagement with students and the Barrett community.

“What a nice surprise to get two teaching-related awards in such close proximity! I’m in such good company in Barrett’s large faculty I didn’t know if I’d ever get this award. I know I work hard and smart for my students so it feels good to receive this recognition,” deLusé said.