Barrett West psychology major and Garcia Scholarship recipient Chloe Scott plans career as pediatric occupational therapist

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January 30, 2019

Chloe Scott is grateful for the treatment she got from occupational therapists when she was a child. Now, she wants to help other children in the same way.

Chloe Scott

Chloe Scott, a psychology major at Barrett West, plans to help children as an occupational therapist.


While in elementary school, “I had problems with flexibility and focus. Problems with walking toe to heel instead of heel to toe, balancing on a bike, and jumping rope. I was antsy and couldn’t concentrate or sit still,” she said.

“I was so lucky to have good people to help me,” she said about the therapists who worked with her to regain balance and focus.

Scott, a junior psychology major in Barrett Honors College at the ASU West campus, plans to finish her bachelor’s degree and pursue a doctorate in occupational therapy at Northern Arizona University or Midwestern University.

“I want to be an occupational therapist and work with children in pediatrics, maybe in a hospital or maybe in private practice. If I were to work in a hospital setting, I would like it to be a place like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. But, whatever I do, I would like it to be a personal practice, where I interact with patients on a personal level,” Scott said.

She recently received the Garcia Family Foundation Scholarship, a $5,000 award that will help offset undergraduate expenses and help her reach her goal. Scott is one of 19 students who received the Garcia Scholarship this year.

The Garcia Family Foundation holds with the philosophy of inclusion and caring about the local community, the importance of addressing the needs of the vulnerable, and making a positive difference in our world. This scholarship is for Barrett Honors College incoming freshman or incoming undergraduate transfer students with financial need who embrace these tenets.

“When I received it I was trying to make ends meet and pay for school without taking out a loan. I really appreciate this generous gift,” said Scott, who transferred into ASU after taking classes at Paradise Valley, Rio Salado, and Gilbert Chandler community colleges. 

With help from the Garcia Scholarship, Scott said she is able to stay in school and make the most of her ASU experience.

She recently obtained a research assistant position in the Arizona Twin Project, a study focusing on the effects of genes and the environment on sleep, emotion, and health outcomes during childhood.

She also works as a recruiting assistant at Barrett West, interfacing with prospective honors students and conducting campus tours.

“I like ASU West because it’s like a small, liberal arts college,” Scott said, referring to how she represents the campus to interested students.

As for the honors college, “it’s more than academics. It’s a community, like family. And, taking the History of Ideas (Barrett’s signature course for upper division students) really challenged my thinking and made me realize that Barrett will help further your education, but it also expands your mind and exposes you to new ideas.”

 “I love it. I like the people and the community. I really think having the support of Barrett, including the Garcia Scholarship, will help me finish my degree and be successful.”


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