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August 22, 2017

The Barrett experience can mean many different things to students, thanks to various honors courses, living spaces and extracurricular activities. For some, Barrett also means unique opportunities for professional development on campus. Student workers are vital to Barrett’s operations, whether it involves event planning, marketing or supporting fellow students. We spoke with honors students employed by Barrett to hear about their experiences working for the Honors College. Meet Kevin Ho, a marketing and supply chain junior who has worked as a student programmer for nearly two years.

Kevin Ho

Kevin Ho works in student programming at Barrett Honors College.

What does your student worker position entail?

I am responsible for putting on programs and events that cater to the Barrett community. I specifically focus on art related events, such as pottery nights or painting nights. These programs are meant for the students to take a break from school and studying, and focus on having creative fun.

What have been some highlights of your work at Barrett?

Some of the highlights working for Barrett is being able to put on the programs I want. I have a lot of creative freedom when putting on these events. I always love putting on Pottery Nights – it’s the most popular program that I do. It’s also an opportunity for me to meet new Barrett students and really see how talented they are.

What have been some of the benefits of working for Barrett as an honors student yourself?

A benefit of working for Barrett is how convenient everything is. For example, when I started working for Barrett as a freshman, all I had to do was walk from my dorm room, or sometimes one of the Barrett classrooms, to get to work. They are also very flexible with student workers’ hours, so I can pick out whatever schedule is most convenient for me.

How has this work experience helped you pursue other professional and academic opportunities outside of Barrett?

This work experience really allowed me to pursue my interests in marketing. I’ve handled a lot of the advertising side of marketing through this experience, especially through creating my own graphic advertisements. I am able to pursue professional opportunities within the marketing field because of this job – it’s enabled me to look at opportunities such as internships for the future.

Do you have advice for a student who may be considering a student worker position on campus?

My advice is to simply apply for these student worker positions. It’s a great way to gain a lot of experience in many fields. Additionally, there are many different areas of focus for the student workers. For example, the other student workers focus on sustainability programming, service programming, and leadership development programming, just to name a few.

On a final note:

Working at Barrett is not only a really great way to gain experience, but it is one of the most fun working environments I’ve worked at. It makes sitting in an office doing work a really enjoyable experience. The supervisors are always helpful and supportive, and constantly empower us to do our own things.

By Sapna Daryanani, Barrett Honors Student working in the Barrett Marketing Department

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