Now is the time for Barrett, The Honors College students to enroll in spring 2021 HON 394 courses

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October 26, 2020

Barrett, The Honors College students looking for diverse and interesting study topics will find them among the HON 394 course offerings for the spring 2021 semester. 


Historical research and oral history are the foci of a course taught by Honors Faculty Fellow Katherine O’Flaherty. 


The HON 394: Maryvale Community History course will allow students to engage with the city of Phoenix on a project to research the Maryvale neighborhood and collect oral histories from community members, O’Flaherty said. 


Students enrolled in the course will learn basic historical research skills, oral history methodologies, participate in the design of interview questions, and conduct extended qualitative oral history interviews with individuals associated with Maryvale. No prior experience in historical research or oral history collection needed to participate.


Honors Faculty Fellow Taylor Hines, along with Silvio Ricardo Gomes Carneiro, a professor at Universidade Federal do ABC in So Paulo, Brazil will guide a Barrett Global Classroom seminar-style course that will virtually bring together students from Barrett and the Universidade Federal do ABC to work together to better understand the ecological, technological, and political commonalities between the U.S. and Brazil. 


Black Mirrors: Race, Gender, Sex, and Technology is the title of a course with Honors Faculty Fellow Sakena Young-Skaggs.


According to a course description, this class surveys the complex interrelationships of contemporary social issues and discourses of difference as reflected in Speculative fiction and arts. The class will explore the foundations of intersectional identities as they are found across genres where conceptions of race, gender, and sexuality are reflected or contested in scientific notions found in science fiction. The phenomena of Speculative fiction is broader than traditional science fiction and includes, but is not limited to, Afrofuturism, Indigenous Slipstream, Africanjujuism, the Blacktastic, The Dark Fantastic Horror, and Magical Realism.


Other HON 394 course topics include:

  • The Borderlands
  • Modern British Poetry
  • Ancient Greece and Rome
  • The environmental impacts of animal agriculture
  • The history of radical zines
  • GlobalResolve


According to Barrett Vice Dean Nicola Foote, HON 394 courses give students unique opportunities to engage with honors faculty who have special expertise in course topics. 


The courses are designed to cover areas of special interest to faculty and students. In addition, the courses help students improve their critical thinking and communication skills, broaden their historical and cultural understanding, and gain a deeper awareness of human societies and cultures. 


Information about HON 394 courses is in the ASU course catalog. Course registration dates and other information is available on the ASU Academic Calendar.