Scholarship Impact: Barrett Technology Grant helps Fatima Barat reach for success

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March 27, 2017

A university education opens the door to a world of academic and professional opportunities. For many students, scholarships are the key that turn opportunity into reality. One such scholarship is the Barrett Technology Grant, a need-based award for funding to purchase a computer to enhance honors students’ education.

We are highlighting the 2016-2017 Barrett Technology Grant recipients in a series that showcases their academic interests and aspirations. Meet Fatima Barat, a sophomore studying biological sciences with a focus on biomedical sciences.

Fatima Barat

Fatima Barat, a Barrett Technology Grant recipient, hopes to attend medical school and specialize in surgery or women's health.

How does it feel to receive the Barrett Technology Grant?

I feel extremely appreciative and thankful for receiving the Barrett Technology Grant because it will help me achieve further success. This award will give me the confidence and motivation to continue pursuing a higher education and reach my goals.

What are your educational goals for your time at Barrett and ASU, and how will this grant help you achieve these goals?

My goals for my time at Barrett and ASU are to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, along with receiving the honors diploma from Barrett. Afterwards, I want to receive my master’s degree by staying an extra year at ASU and completing a graduate program. By receiving this grant, it will not only help me achieve these goals but provide further success into the future.

What are your post-graduation plans?

My post-graduation plan is to attend medical school. I want to specialize in surgery or women’s health in general. It has been my passion to pursue a career in the health care field because I enjoy challenges; in pursuing a career in the health care field, it will certainly challenge me. Also, this challenge will give me greater more appreciation for this field and it will make me value the health care field even more because I would have experienced it all.

If you could solve any problem in the world, what would it be?

I would want to stop famine and create a society where humanity exists. I want to see equal opportunities for everyone regardless of who they are, and provide the essential needs to be a human.

On a final note:

This scholarship has had the greatest impact on me and there are no words better than to say how thankful I am. I thank everyone who has contributed in providing me with this kind of scholarship.

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