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July 25, 2013

Barrett Honors College student Nicole Dunn is considering becoming a lawyer, but until recently her knowledge of practicing law was limited. Now, with a law firm internship under her belt, she can make a more informed decision about her professional future.

Dunn, a sophomore majoring in finance at Arizona State University, spent this summer as an intern at a law firm.

“I am considering becoming a lawyer. However, I did not know much about what being a lawyer entailed, so I thought an internship would be a good learning experience,” Dunn said.

So Dunn set about obtaining a law firm internship and landed one at Sommer Karnes & Associates, a real estate and land use firm in Santa Fe.Nicole Dunn

And, just as expected, Dunn learned about the ins and outs of the legal field.

“I have learned a lot as a summer intern. It has been a good introduction to the working world and given me a lot of information to help me decide if being a lawyer is a good career choice,” she said.

“I now know more about the daily activities and inner workings of a small law firm. I have a more realistic picture of what being a lawyer entails. I also have learned useful skills that will help in any job,” she added.

As an intern, Dunn’s duties ranged from answering phones and running errands to assisting with research, writing client letters, and working on a project relating to a foreclosure lawsuit.

Dunn also earned accolades from a firm partner.

“She performs incredibly well. She is insightful, diligent and extremely conscientious. We are extremely grateful for her agreeing to intern for us,” said Karl H. Sommer, who worked closely with Dunn during her internship.

Dunn said being a Barrett student has helped her along her academic and professional path.

“There are so many resources (at Barrett) to help me. All of the faculty and staff are so helpful and really want you to succeed. In addition, being a part of the honors college catches people’s attention,” she said.

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