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August 30, 2017

The Barrett experience can mean many different things to students, thanks to various honors courses, living spaces and extracurricular activities. For some, Barrett also means unique opportunities for professional development on campus. Student workers are vital to Barrett’s operations, whether it involves event planning, marketing or supporting fellow students. We spoke with honors students employed by Barrett to hear about their experiences working for the Honors College. Meet Katelyn Dinkel, a biological sciences and global health junior who has worked as a student programmer for about a year.

Katelyn Dinkel

Katelyn Dinkel helps plan and promote student-centered events at Barrett Honors College.

What does your student worker position entail?

I organize events that fall under the Barrett pillar of wellness – things like bimonthly yoga, hiking “A” Mountain, nutritionist programs and cooking demos. I manage the marketing by creating flyers to hang around the Barrett campus and posting about the events in the Honors-L and online calendar. If necessary, I will contact community members to invite them to instruct at these events.

What have been some highlights of your work at Barrett?

My favorite event I have put on so far has been Paddleboard Yoga. This was a unique event we put on at the end of last semester. The class itself went amazingly. The students were eager to participate and we ended up hosting three back-to-back classes. However, organizing the event was a lesson in leadership and problem solving. The day of, I was informed we would not be able to host the class and had to scramble to clarify the issue, communicate that with the instructor, problem solve with my supervisors, and still get the event going that night. In the end we pulled it off, but I felt I really grew from that challenge. 

What have been some of the benefits of working for Barrett as an honors student yourself?

Working at Barrett has helped me be more engaged in the community itself. I am more aware of other events Barrett is putting on and am more in tune to special, Barrett-only opportunities. For example, this past summer I got to go to Peru with Barrett’s Great Global Cities program. If I had not been in the office while this trip was being discussed, I probably would not have gone and would have missed out on an amazing experience! 

How has this work experience helped you pursue other professional and academic opportunities outside of Barrett?

I have used the skills I learned with my Barrett work experience to help me with other things I am engaged in. For example, last semester I was awarded the Woodside Community Action Grant from Changemaker Central for my project on HIV, STI and healthy relationship youth outreach. I used my experience with event organization to plan outings where my team and I would table and spread our information. I used my knowledge of marketing and graphics to create informational materials to give out. This is just one example of how the skills I learned at Barrett have aided me outside of my job and I know they will continue to help me.

Do you have advice for a student who may be considering a student worker position on campus?

I would definitely recommend working for Barrett. There is a great community of friends to engage with as a student worker. Playing a more active role also opens up new opportunities and experiences that will help make your college days outstanding.



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