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August 30, 2017

The Barrett experience can mean many different things to students, thanks to various honors courses, living spaces and extracurricular activities. For some, Barrett also means unique opportunities for professional development on campus. Student workers are vital to Barrett’s operations, whether it involves event planning, marketing or supporting fellow students. We spoke with honors students employed by Barrett to hear about their experiences working for the Honors College. Meet Manali Chavan, a marketing and journalism senior who has worked as a social media assistant for three years.


Manali Chavan

Manali Chavan has been assisting with social media for three years. Photo courtesy of Stefanie Carson, Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC)

What does your student worker position entail?

Since I’ve been with Barrett I’ve helped facilitate social media posts through the college’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Much of my day-to day operations includes reaching out to student programmers to advertise their events, talking with students throughout Barrett to share their experience and interacting with our online audience.

What have been some highlights of your work at Barrett?

I have loved getting the opportunity to work with my peers and showcase what they love about Barrett. As a student worker and one that is particularly involved with the Barrett brand, I get the chance to see all the cool things going on here. From art nights, to honors lecture series, to professional development programs — I get to see it all. It’s helped diversify my skill set while improving upon my overall communication skills.

What have been some of the benefits of working for Barrett as an honors student yourself?

Everyone here wants you to succeed. Whether it’s reminding me about thesis deadlines or letting me work flexible hours, this staff has been like a second family. They, more than anyone, understand what it’s like to be an honors student and always go out of their way to help me have a successful semester.

How has this work experience helped you pursue other professional and academic opportunities outside of Barrett?

When I first started this position, it was surprisingly difficult to find any job in social media. This position allowed me to utilize skills I already had and then build on them. Now when I go in for internship interviews I have experiences I can speak to, clips to show and a solid understanding of media. Plus, I’ve had the chance to work in a field I love from Day One, which not many people can say.

Do you have advice for a student who may be considering a student worker position on campus?

Best decision you will ever make! Student worker positions are great opportunities for any student, whether it’s your first job or third. You’ll have the chance to establish contacts and earn recommendations from professionals, all while being just a few minutes from your dorm or classes. I’ve been involved in a number of jobs and internships since I entered college, but this student worker position has always been the easiest to manage because it’s so flexible.

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