Where are they now? Dr. Luvenia Sayegh’s journey from student to dentist went through Barrett, The Honors College

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December 21, 2021

Dr. Luvenia Sayegh, an Arizona native, knew since day one that she wanted to be an Arizona State University Sun Devil. 

“Attending ASU was never a question for me. I was born and raised in Arizona and I wanted to attend college in-state,” she said.

She entered ASU as an applied biological sciences major and joined Barrett, The Honors College as an upper-division student for the challenges and research opportunities it offered. 

She learned valuable lessons, participated in research and gained the necessary experiences that led her to the path she is on today. 

Sayegh graduated ASU with honors from Barrett, The Honors College in 2014 and attended dental school at A.T. Still University in Mesa, Ariz. She currently practices general dentistry.

Dr. Sayegh attributed her ability to get into dental school to her Barrett experience, including her thesis. 

She felt that her thesis was “an opportunity to set myself apart from other dental applicants as dental school is very competitive to get into” and that Barrett helped open many doors and opportunities during her time in college and beyond.

We asked Dr. Sayegh to reflect on her undergraduate years and where she is now. This is what she had to say. 


How did being an honors student enhance your undergraduate experience? Was being an honors student beneficial?

Being an honors student enhanced my undergraduate experience because it gave me the opportunity to meet students who were on a similar path as mine. One of the students I met while in my honors class introduced me to a mission trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. While on this trip, I was able to assist dental students in providing dental care to those in need who would have otherwise not been able to receive dental care. This trip really solidified my passion for wanting to become a dentist. I can thank the honors college for merging the path between me and my fellow classmate. If it wasn’t for Barrett our paths may have not crossed and I would not have had this experience.


What was your honors thesis about? How did completing a thesis help you get into dental school?

My honors thesis was about creating dental antibodies through plant cells to treat dental disease. During my interview, the doctors that interviewed me were interested in hearing about my thesis. It was a good opportunity for me to show my hard work and dedication. 


What are you doing now?

Currently, I am an associate dentist in Tempe and I’m loving it. It is a rewarding feeling to look back and think everything was all worth it. Now I have the honor to not only cure dental disease with my hands, but to make my patients feel better about dentistry and themselves. 


If you were to give advice to a current Barrett student, what would you tell them?

The extra work and requirements to be an honors student are worth it. Being an honor student opens doors and opportunities for you that you may not come across otherwise. Nothing in life that is worth it comes easy. Work hard today for a better tomorrow.


Story by Barrett, The Honors College student Alex Marie Solomon.

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