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In Barrett, we realize that students are developing excellent critical thinking skills and the ability to articulate on their feet in The Human Event and History of Ideas, but we also believe in important tools that allow you to better understand your personal strengths and self-awareness.  Last semester, Barrett provided student leaders the opportunity to take the Indigo self-awareness assessment measuring behavioral styles, motivators, skills, and strengths.  With a desire to more directly embed exercises in self-efficacy into the honors experience, we decided to make Indigo available to ALL of our freshmen in Barrett this year.   Many of our staff have also taken the assessment and attended the one-time follow-up workshop to interpret and discuss the results. We hope you will all take advantage of this opportunity which we believe to be another very useful tool in navigating your personal strengths and academic career trajectory. After taking the assessment you will need to sign up for the follow-up workshop. Space is limited for these workshops. 

To see a complete list of the workshops and to reserve (rsvp) your space now, please sign up here.  Please just remember to bring your Indigo assessment results to the workshop.  

Date and Time: Friday, October 13, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Location: Vista Theater

Hosted By: Tempe

More Info: Ashley Brand