Barrett in Iceland: Living with Fire and Ice

Program Description: Since settlement by the Vikings in the 9th century, Icelanders have had to contend with intense vulcanism, a scarcity of natural resources, and a harsh sub-arctic climate. Frequent natural disasters battered the people of Iceland, sometimes killing as many as a third of all inhabitants at a time. Life was often very difficult, yet the Icelanders survived, and nurtured a vibrant culture. Sprung from Viking roots, Icelandic culture grew in response to the natural environment—stunning, inspiring, often deadly. Explore Iceland’s natural wonders, and engage with its unique culture. Investigate at first-hand the interconnectedness of human culture and the natural environment. Experience how the environment shapes culture, and how culture shapes the environment. See how Icelanders of the past adapted to life on their harsh island, and how Icelanders today are responding to environmental challenges, like soil erosion and rapidly-melting glaciers. Learn about the harnessing Iceland’s vulcanism to generate completely renewable energy. See for yourself how environmental consciousness has become part of Icelanders’ everyday lives.

Dates: Students arrive 14 May, depart 20 May

Program Fee: TBD

Application Deadline: November 15

Courses: HON394: Living with Fire and Ice: Environment and Culture in Iceland

Credits: 1

The Iceland program imformation and application can be found online.

For further information, please contact: Joseph R O’Neill at