Description: This program will explore the history, culture and environment of Trinidad and Tobago; the most populous (and beautiful!) of the Caribbean islands and the 4th largest economy in the Western Hemisphere. The course offers students the opportunity to both participate in, and research, Trinidadian Carnival arts. Students will visit Masquerade Camps, Steel Pan Yards and Calypso Tents and learn about the core art forms associated with the Trinidad Carnival, including music and costume design. Students will conduct research interviews with Carnival Arts practitioners, including Calypsonians, steel pan players, soca music producers and masquerade costume designers. In addition to its rich carnival culture, Trinidad and Tobago is also distinctive for its biodiversity. Students will explore the most important environmental attractions of the two islands, including the Pitch Lake, Buccoo Coral Reef, and Main Ridge Rainforest Reserve (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and learn about conservation efforts for endangered flora and fauna.  Students will have the opportunity to view a wide range of wildlife up close, including sea turtles, sloths, anteaters, humming birds, parrots, scarlet ibis and howler monkeys. 

Dates: Jan 3-12, 2020

Courses: HON 394: Carnival Arts, Calypso Music and Environmental Conservation in Trinidad and Tobago

Credits: 3

Program Fee: TBD

Application Deadline: November 15

The Trinidad/Tobago program information and application can be found online.

For further information, please contact: Nicola Foote at or Christiane Alcantara at