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Barrett in Berlin: Nostalgia and Memory in Germany After the Wall

Program Description: This one-credit course explores the legacy of the Soviet occupation of East Germany. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, the western, capitalist Federal Republic of Germany (BRD) and the eastern, socialist German Democratic Republic (DDR) began the difficult process of reunification. While in some parts of German life, the separation is a thing of the distant past, the legacy of the divide remains stark in the architecture, infrastructure, and cultural landscape of former East Germany, especially in Berlin itself. In recent years, a peculiar phenomenon known as Ostalgie (a pun on ost, or “east,” and nostalgie, or “nostalgia”) has emerged, a brand of specifically German Soviet nostalgia that makes itself known in the many surprising corners of German cultural life. The goal of this course is to explore the legacy of the Soviet occupation of East Germany, and the ways in which Ostalgie manifests today. We will focus on Berlin, exploring how the city remembers its divided past. We will visit remnants of the Wall and other monuments to Berlin’s troubled 20th century, tour some of the WWII-era bunkers that spread in a vast network underground, and take advantage of the vibrant cultural life that has always defined Berlin.

Dates: May 11 – May 20, 2020

Courses: HON 394: Nostalgia and Memory in Germany After the Wall

Credits: 1

Program Fee: TBD

Application Deadline: November 15

For further information, please contact: Dr. Katie Boyce-Jacino at: