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Culture and Place through Food and Studio Ghibli Film

Description: With a focus on modern cultural immersion and engagement, students will examine the ways in which concepts of individual and national identity and cultural environments inform each other. Students will read and analyze modern travel and food writing to learn literary strategies that they will then employ when reflecting upon and documenting their experiences as individuals studying in Japan. Students will engage in a variety of creative non-fiction writing and cultural engagement assignments while abroad.

Quick Facts:
• Experience life in Tokyo Japan
• Study the anime of Studio Ghibli and the anthropology of Japanese society.
• Read modern travel and food writing and learn creative non-fiction writing techniques.
• Travel to places inspired by Ghibli films and explore the neighborhoods of Tokyo.

Dates: May 22nd - June 8th, 2020

Courses: Must take both HON 394: The Anime of Studio Ghibli as an Anthropology of Japanese Childhood (3 credits) and HON 386: Writing about Self and Place (3 credits)

Credits: 6 credits

Program Fee: $6,350

Application Deadline: March 1

The Japan program information and application can be found online. 

For further information, please contact Dr. Abby Loebenberg at abby.loebenberg@asu.edu or Dr. Jacquelyn Scott Lynch at Jacquie.Scott@asu.edu