Barrett Honors College Council (BHCC)

Mission Statement: 

BHCC strives to be a unifying presence on campus. We provide opportunities for Barrett students and the rest of ASU to interact in social and educational forums with various social, community service and cultural events, and, most importantly, supply Barrett students with an outlet to voice their concerns. BHCC works towards building an open and welcoming community on campus to help students succeed in all areas whether that is in academics, making friends, or just getting the best out of your experience as a Barrett student.

General Information: 

The Barrett Honors College Council, also known as the BHCC, is one of Barrett’s signature organizations composed of elected students who work to foster a community within Barrett and enhance students’ Barrett experience. Similar to a Student Council, the BHCC is devoted to providing students with quality programs, events, and services and giving Barrett students a voice in the community, and working with Barrett Administration to advocate on student issues. 


How To Get Involved: 

We are always looking for students to assist the Council and would love to hear your input and ideas! For information of upcoming programs, events and meetings ‘like’ the Barrett Honors College Council on Facebook and join BHCC on SunDevil Sync!

Sam O'Hare

Vice President
Anika Islam

Director of Finance
Kallee Schwan

Zach Stites 

Director of Advocacy
Anusha Natarajan

Director of Marketing
Harrison Hong

Director of Digital Marketing
Erin O'Connor

Director of External Affairs
Brooke Zanon

Director of Internal Affairs
Madeline Salvatierra 

Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Alejandra Maya

Assistant Director of Advocacy
Aidan Sigmund

Polytechnic Representative
Felix Raimondo

Downtown Representative

West Representative
Anika Reveeles

Tempe USG Senator
Rachel Caldwell 

Tempe USG Senator
Marco Huerta

Tempe USG Senator
Cameron Decker 

Polytechnic USG Senator
Jakob Kehr 

Downtown USG Senator
Lance Lim

Downtown USG Senator
Spencer McClure

Faculty/Staff Advisor
Ellyse Crow

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