Barrett Defense Calendar

The following Thesis/Creative Project defenses are open to the ASU community.  Attending a defense is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow Barrett students and to observe the defense process firsthand.  If you are interested in attending, it is courteous to email the student ahead of time to inform them of your planned attendance. Look up the student email in the ASU Directory.

To be included on this calendar, please fill out the Defense Reporting Form.

First Name Last Name Thesis Title Director Location Department of Thesis Time Datesort descending
Aubrey Feyrer A Rivalry of Roses? An analysis of the Manchester United vs. Leeds United soccer/football rivalry and the development of regional, social, and historical rivalries connected to these clubs. Harper, Tobias Coor 4403 SHPRS History Faculty 11:00 AM October 27, 2021
Johnathan Molina The Biochemistry and Energy of Sulfur Oxidations Shock, Everett PSF 543 School Of Earth & Space Explor 2:00 PM October 27, 2021
Karen Northrop Exploring Gender Identity During the COVID-19 Pandemic Graff, Sarah Barrett Honors College 10:30AM October 27, 2021
Emilie Shin An analysis of cultural impact on native Koreans and Korean Americans regarding dental health Yellow Horse, Aggie School of Social Transform 1:00 PM October 27, 2021
Marshall Morgan The Tale of Tumacacori: A Children's Book About Preservation, Conservation, & History Shrestha, Milan Wrigley Hall 481 SOS Faculty & Researchers 10:00AM October 27, 2021
Victoria Millon Exploring Different Modalities Used in the Field of Rehabilitation and Their Effectiveness on Promoting Healing Hollingsworth, Rachel College of Health Solutions MS 9:00-10:30 AM October 28, 2021
Adin Warner Modeling and Design of Controlled Rocket Descent Systems Rodriguez, Armando Sch Elect Comptr & Energy Engr 12:00 PM October 28, 2021
Logan Johnson The Impact of Lobbying on U.S. Market Competitiveness Hill, Alexander WPC Economics 1:00PM October 28, 2021
Stephanie Davitt Conservation of Threatened and Endangered Species in the Phoenix Metro Area Using Social Media Larson, Kelli School of Geog Sci & Urban Pln 1:00 PM October 29, 2021
Nora Abouseido HealthKeep and the Future of mHeath App Use Doebbeling, Bradley College of Health Solutions HC 10:00 AM October 29, 2021
Kyle Elmendorf Charles Schwab Internship Thesis Project Byrne, Jared WPC Ctr for Entrepreneurship 9:00AM October 29, 2021
Kate Nosan Reasons to Stay Alive Soares, Rebecca Sage South 141 Barrett Honors College 4:00 PM October 29, 2021
Aubrey Kreutzer Implementing Standards for Newborn Toxicology Testing in the Diagnosis of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Montero Quesada, Shirly Math & Natural Sciences Div 1:00 PM October 29, 2021
Mpho Olatotse A Comparative Analysis of HIV/AIDS Health Policies in Botswana, eSwatini and South Africa Ross, Heather Sch Future of Innov in Society 130 PM October 29, 2021
Morgan Pedroza Inhibition of NF-kB mediated inflammatory response by parthenolide in breast cancer cells Wagner, Carl Math & Natural Sciences Div 12:30-2:30PM October 29, 2021