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Barrett (Tempe) Room Request Form

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Effective May 6 – August 2 for all room reservations EXCEPT for rooms in The Vista Complex and Sage North, please email: NMolina@americancampus.com

Please complete this form in as much detail as possible. Completed forms must be received at least THREE full business days prior to your requested event date. 


Rules/Guidelines for Room Use:
You, as the room requestor:

  • will be responsible for the security of the equipment and contents of the room during the requested time
  • must complete appropriate training on any A/V equipment to be used during your event
  • must leave the room clean and in order after your event

Reserve outside areas here

Cereus 101Cereus 201
Cereus 101 - Maximum of 25 peopleCereus 201 - Maximum of 25 people

Cottonwood 101Cottonwood 103
Cottonwood 101 - Maximum of 25 peopleCottonwood 103 - Maximum of 25 people


Honors Hall 116Honors Hall 118
Honors Hall 116 (The Citrus Room) - Located in the dining hall, small room
to the left of Honors Hall 118, seats 12
Honors Hall 118 (The Copper Room) - Located in the dining hall, seats 20


Honors Hall 123Honors Hall 131
Honors Hall 123 - Maximum seating is 18 people
(to be scheduled outside of classroom use)
Honors Hall 131 - Maximum of 12 people

Juniper 101Juniper 201
Juniper 101 - Maximum of 25 peopleJuniper 201 - Maximum of 25 people

Sage 141Sage 142Sage 242
Sage 141 - Maximum of 25 peopleSage 142 - Maximum of 25 peopleSage 242 - Maximum of 29 people

Willow 112Willow 212
Willow 112 - Maximum of 23 peopleWillow 212 - Maximum of 25 people

Vista 202Student Center
Vista 202 - Located upstairs in the Vista del Sol Community Center. This classroom seats 25 in a standard classroom configuration.Student Center - Located in the Vista del Sol complex next to Jimmy Johns. The back half of the center with the tables and chairs is the only area that is able to be reserved. The maximum capacity for space is 50.
Vista TheaterVista Lobby
Theater - Located in the Vista del Sol Community Center, east of the pool near the northwest lobby area. The theater has 74 permanent fabric covered chairs in theater style seating. Lobby - Located in the Vista del Sol Community Center, east of the pool in the northwest corner of the lobby space. This is an open area, the typical setup is as pictured above. The maximum seating capacity for space is 75 with 25 in classroom style seating.