HON 394: Bombay to Bollywood

Short Description: A survey of popular Hindi films, stars, music, and fans that focuses on how these films and the industry that produces them both reflect and shape popular thought within India, past and present.

Longer Description: Since the 1930s, as popular Hindi films and their music have circulated throughout South Asia as well as many other parts of the world, they have transformed what was once a local film industry based in Bombay into the transnational mega-industry now known as "Bollywood." In this class, we will focus on Hindi films' history, visual approaches, varied integrations of music and dance, the construction of stardom, and audiences to better understand this phenomenon. We will engage in visual, narrative, and musical analysis of these films and their music to gain a deeper understanding of the films as a whole and their respective culture

Course semester: 
Spring 2020
Dr. Nilanjana Bhattacharjya