HON 394: Gender and Sexuality in Horror and Science Fiction Film

Image for Signature course Gender And Sexuality

According to Donna Haraway, “the boundary between science fiction and social reality is an optical illusion.”  This course will interrogate that claim by examining representations of gender, sexuality, and reproduction in science fiction film. Given that the line between science fiction and horror is a fine one, we will also examine constructions of monstrosity and consider how horror films often reflect cultural anxieties about science and technology, particularly where those anxieties intersect with questions about gender and sexuality.  In addition to exploring a wide range of film, feminist, queer, and culture theories, students will develop skills in formal film analysis.  By completing both a short scene analysis and a longer research paper or final research-based project, students will improve their research and writing skills. 

Course semester: 
Spring 2020
Dr. April Miller