HON 394: Healthy Childhoods: Group Thesis Development Seminar and Workshop

Enrollment with instructor approval
Are you a student in a health-oriented major who would like to do a thesis within the community based around evidence-based outcomes, observation, creative program development or assessment? Do you already do a lot of volunteer work and would like to get support to develop that into a thesis project? Are you interested in the topic of healthy childhood from a medical, dental, play-based, psychological or other therapeutic stance? This class is for students who are interested in non-lab thesis projects and need some direction on how to build a thesis group, what kinds of research methods are useful, what local organizations to connect with and the strategies that work and don't, how to plan a proposal to a director, and suggestions of who at ASU to contact. The goal of the class is that by the end of the semester students should have a thesis group, have a thesis project and proposal, have an understanding of the methods they will use and have met with a viable director. Students who take the class for two credits will be expected to do a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work.

Course semester: 
Spring 2020 Session C
Dr. Abby Loebenberg