HON 394: Herbert Marcuse - The Power of Negative Thinking

Global Classroom: UFABC - In this course, students from Universidade Federal do ABC in São Paulo and Arizona State University will work together to better understand the ecological, technological, and political commonalities between the US and Brazil. As both countries face ecological disasters (such as uncontrolled wildfires in California or the Amazon rainforest), the promises and perils of newly advanced scientific technology, and political transformation, the critical theory of social scientists like Herbert Marcuse have gained renewed importance both in the US and Brazil. Marcuse's theory focuses on the development of advanced industrial society as it undergoes social, political, and technological transformations with particular focus on the perils of ecological disaster. Students will read about how these issues are theorized through the lens of Marcuse¿s work, both as a project in comparative studies and as a frame through which to better understand the conditions of the US and Brazil in their own particularities. Focus will be placed on cross-national collaboration, with student led discussions and international group work being factored into each student's final grade. In addition to the classroom experience this course provides students with the unique opportunity to participate in the 2021 International Herbert Marcuse Conference held on ASU's campus in the Fall of 2021. This is a Global Classroom course offered through Barrett's Office of Global Initiatives.

Course semester: 
Spring 2021
Dr. Taylor Hines