HON 394: Queer Bioethics

This upper-level honors seminar combines the fields of bioethics and health policy with queer studies to examine the myriad of challenges persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) may face in the medical system. Some of the pressing ethical issues include access to health care and culturally competent mental health resources, treatments for intersex children, standards for blood donation from same-sex sexually active men, access to assisted reproductive technologies and adoption, health insurance coverage, violence (self and other-inflicted) toward gay and transgender youth, exclusion from clinical trials, and so-called "psychotherapies" designed to change sexual orientation.

This course will carefully examine a range of issues from the perspectives of LGBTQI groups and their health care providers and will be particularly attentive to the ways in which factors such as race, class, ability, and age intersect with sexuality to produce unique outcomes and experiences. 

Course semester: 
Spring 2020 Session C
Dr. Jennifer Brian