The Barrett Pedagogy Experiment

This course incorporates the theory and practice of critical pedagogy in the honors college setting. Critical pedagogy emphasizes the development of the student’s critical consciousness by challenging the “banking” educational method where teachers deposit knowledge into students. Instead, in critical pedagogy, both teachers and students become authentic learners whose collective efforts enhance the potential for social and political change (Florence, 1998; Freire & Macedo, 1998; hooks, 1994; Shor & Freire, 1987). The course has two main objectives: first, students will learn about the pedagogy of Jacek Kuron, Paulo Freire, bell hooks, and others. Secondly, students will experience freedom in deciding how they learn by designing their own learning outcomes and study materials, as well as assessment practices, fully implementing the concept of liberation and freedom in the classroom. 

Course semester: 
Fall 2020
Dr. Alcantara, Dr. Ostling, Dr. Brian, and you!