Focus Group Team Lead

Company Name: 
The Black Sheep
Company Location: 
The corporate office is in Chicago, but the teams are local in Tempe and managed remotely.

Internship Description: 

The Focus Group Team is made up of the Focus Group Team Leader, who organizes and recruits participants for groups, paired with the Focus Group Session Analyst who records and analyzes each session, ensuring that all necessary topics are covered. The Focus Group Team Leader has frequent communication with the National Focus Group Manager, who will guide and troubleshoot obstacles that come up.
Primary Responsibilities:
• Recruit, organize and execute focus groups, according to certain criteria.
• Provide weekly, data­based reports and feedback on each week’s recruiting and research activities to the National Research Manager.
• Constantly research new opportunities for meeting necessary group mix.
• Must be able to commit anywhere from 2­8 hours per week depending on how many groups are scheduled.
• Facilitate flow of conversation for the duration of the session to ensure the information you’re getting is accurate.
• The ability to add hands-­on, information­-driven market research experience to your resume. • Develop and enhance your problem solving, motivating, writing, and critical thinking skills.
• Further develop career-­related skills through a custom focused internship during the school year.
• Be considered for a full­-time position in Chicago after graduation or continue with our clients on campus once the groups are finished.
• This is a paid position.

Desired Qualifications: 

A proactive, take­-charge, data-­driven problem solver who likes keep pushing forward to attain goals.
An organized and independent person interested in leading research groups.
No experience necessary.

Preferred Majors: 
Communications Marketing Social Sciences Business Arts
Hours Per Week: 
Closing Date: 
December 31, 2018

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

To apply, either fill out an application at or send an email to with a brief statement on why you are interested in the position.


Desired Academic Year: