Education and Outreach Intern

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Phoenix, Arizona

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BLOOM365’s mission is to prevent teen dating abuse BEFORE it starts. Our vision is safe and healthy relationships for all. The philosophy of BLOOM365's teen-focused mobile outreach and advocacy program is to educate and empower teen survivors of dating abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying and gender based violence through age appropriate and peer-guided individual and group support, advocacy and
therapy to boost their safety, healing and overall well-being. Our ultimate goal is to inspire next generations to work together to root out the causes of power based personal violence (teen dating abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, bullying, gender based violence, stalking) by growing a culture that values peace, empathy, respect, equality, consent and kindness as the socially accepted norms.

We have three types of education and outreach interns:

School Based
1. Assist BLOOM365 Advocates in classroom activities and procedures during the 7-Dose Bloom It Up curriculum.
2. Provide safety planning and referral to teens who disclose abuse during the 7-Dose program.
3. Mentor and collaborate with Peer Advocates in schools to participate in school-based outreach events and activities.

Community Based
1. Schedule and represent BLOOM365 at a minimum of 1 youth-centered event or activity per month (eg. health fairs, school events, summer programs/camps, etc.)
2. Provide referrals, safety planning assistance, and resource connections to teen victims and potential teen victims during outreach and education activities.
3. Attend and participate in a minimum of 5 ACESDV Trainings throughout the semester (maximum 10).

1. Respond to students’ anonymous “Elephant in the Room” questions.
2. Develop a solution-based project to address an identified gap within BLOOM365 using the knowledge you have gained from your educational studies and throughout the course of your
internship. Be prepared to present to staff at the conclusion of the semester.
3. Assist with other tasks as assigned.
tasks as assigned.

Desired Qualifications: 

-Public Speaking
-Passionate about BLOOM365
-Problem Solving Skills
-Strong Communication Skills
-Previous program facilitation experience preferred
-Classroom Management
-Ability to work independently and as part of a team
-Highly dependable

Preferred Majors: 
Actively pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in a related field (i.e. Education, Public Health, Sociology, Nursing etc.)
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Closing Date: 
January 21, 2019

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Have questions or want to learn more?
Contact Marli Mayon
P - 602-799-5398
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