Experience & Operations Specialist

Company Name: 
Buyback Boss
Company Location: 
Tempe, Arizona

Internship Description: 

This position is ideal for someone who enjoys working with either technology or people (or both!) and wants to join a fast-growing start-up company. We are looking for smart, passionate individuals who love to help people and are quick at problem solving with high attention to detail. At Buyback Boss, you can truly see the inner-workings of a lean start up. We make decisions as a team and truly value each member's input!

Job Responsibilities:
- Maintain order database via e-commerce website and/or purchasing invoices with high attention to detail

- Organize, test, and process electronics including high-end smartphones and tablets and provide recommendations for problem resolution

- Quickly and efficiently tackle problems for customers when deliveries, transactions, or experiences don't go as planned

- Fine tune problem solving, troubleshooting, and conflict resolution skills through daily interaction with customers and clients

- Keep track of key issues and develop new programs to better the experience for customers

- Deliver a delightful experience to Buyback Boss customers, following up with customers and fielding incoming questions from customers and prospects via email

- Be the eyes and ears of customers, reporting issues back to the company so that we can continuously improve our internal processes and customer experience

- Process returns, manage support interactions, deal with one-offs, etc.

- Perform daily operational and office tasks such as shipping out customer mailers, organizing inventory, shipping, mail and other office processes

- Work closely with the customer service and operations teams when relevant issues arise to diagnose and find solutions to major problems

- Innovate and contribute to long term growth projects in an interested field

Desired Qualifications: 

Buyback Boss is looking for someone who is an excellent communicator, decisive, able to think quickly on their feet, self-sufficient, extremely organized, and positive. This person should have excellent verbal and written communication skills and feel comfortable interacting with multiple facets of technology.

Preferred Majors: 
All majors accepted
Hours Per Week: 
Closing Date: 
May 18, 2019

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Please use this link to apply: http://bit.ly/2K9yv3D

If you have any other questions regarding the position please email hiring@buybackboss.com.


Desired Academic Year: