Digital Marketing Internship

Company Name: 
Lucid Agency
Company Location: 
117 E. 5th St. Tempe, AZ 85281 Across from the Tempe police station on Forrest and 5th Street.

Internship Description: 

Lucid Agency focuses on delivering the absolute highest quality digital marketing and technology solutions to results-driven organizations.

This is NOT a busy work position. You’ll learn the ropes at an actual agency, helping out a team on real client projects. We will train you on everything and will review your work before ever using it for a client, so don't worry...but you'll be learning and if you have awesome concepts, you will get to see them live in the real world. We've hired past interns for full-time positions after graduation, although you'll really need to "wow" us for that to happen.

What you will be tasked with:

* Online marketing

* Copywriting

* Facebook & LinkedIn campaigns

* Analyzing and creating reports, data, and budgets

* Client industry research

* Taking notes during meetings

Desired Qualifications: 

Here's what we're looking for:

* Availability for 20+ hours per week on a fixed schedule. If you can't do at least 15 hours per week, please don't apply.

* Has or is pursuing a degree in marketing and or advertising

* Interest in a full-time job upon graduation * Basic familiarity of Google Analytics and Google Ads

* Knowledge of basic concepts of SEO and PPC campaigns * Excellent writing and grammatical skills * Highly organized with an ability to always hit deadlines

* Takes initiative to innovate and solve problems without direct supervision and/or direction

* Highly experienced with all Microsoft office products, particularly Excel, Word and PowerPoint

* Familiarity with and usage of social platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn

* A very strong work ethic and ability to deal with the frequently changing workload

* Outgoing and not afraid to prepare and give presentations (primarily internal now, but could be client facing in the near future)

Preferred Majors: 
Business marketing and advertising majors
Hours Per Week: 
Closing Date: 
January 12, 2019

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Please apply for our internship through our online job application: If you have any issues please contact:


Desired Academic Year: