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Company Name: 
Office of Community Health Innovation, Maricopa County
Company Location: 
4041 N. Central Ave., Suite 1400 | Phoenix, AZ 85012

Internship Description: 

The Office of Community Health Innovations with the Maricopa County Public Health Department are seeking interns for the following positions:

- Million Hearts Implementation in Family Public Housing - Intern Research Project: The intern will produce a collective of Public Health models, campaigns and interventions that have been successfully applied to public housing and published as evidence-based. The intern will also research successful public health initiatives related to chronic disease prevention in public housing with the intend to develop an public health intervention strategy. Additionally, the intern will have the opportunity to experience process implementation (one page), have biweekly check-ins, create project evaluation report, and give a final project presentation to staff.

- Office of Community Health Development Intern: The intern will support the Community Health Development (CHW) team in completing pending projects and support the internal organization of our program . Also, assist with creative and innovative ways to improve the efficacy of our current projects. The intern selected to work this project will identify ways to improve the internal organization of the Million Hearts in Housing Program; support the design and implementation of CHW trainings, collaborate in the design of flyer templates for health events, health promotions, and other activities that require communication on a regular and routine basis; assemble blood pressure kits for CHWs from template; and, guide a CHW in certification process for Silver Sneakers (physical education program for seniors).

- Communications Intern: The intern will create a media library that documents community health initiatives, with the purpose of developing a cloud archive to educate the public about the effectiveness of CHWs in health promotion.The intern will be expected to use their own equipment for photography, videography, interviews, and press releases. Additionally, the intern will schedule events to attend, have bi-weekly check-ins, write reflection reports, interview a community health worker and community member, and create a final project presentation to staff.

Please visit the following website for additional information about each position:

Desired Qualifications: 

Varies with each intern position, check the website

Preferred Majors: 
public health, communication, health education, community health, or related field
Hours Per Week: 
Closing Date: 
January 31, 2020

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Deadline: Ongoing

For more information about this project and to complete the internship application, please visit

Contact: María Ballón at Maria.Ballon@Maricopa.Gov or 480-313-6176.


Desired Academic Year: