Private Equity Growth Associate

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Company Name: 
Anodize Capital Partners
Company Location: 
7420 E Camelback Rd, Suite 101, Scottsdale, AZ

Internship Description: 

Anodize is hiring 4 part time interns to work directly with its management to examine potential acquisitions (companies with $2-5M in EBITDA). This includes researching industries, identifying target companies, developing outreach content, initiating contact with CEOs, and developing competitive analysis. The role is comparable to what a full time Analyst or Associate at a large Private Equity firm does after they've done 2 years of Investment Banking.

Desired Qualifications: 

The ideal candidate has, above all, a desire to learn and a willingness to work hard. A basic understanding of investment evaluation, an interest in financial analysis, the ability to quickly learn about a company or industry, and the willingness to "get into the details" with companies are all prerequisites. Students who have a desire to learn, who are able to quickly synthesize information, and who have a great work ethic are the best applicants.

Preferred Majors: 
Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business, Accounting, Management
Hours Per Week: 
Closing Date: 
January 15, 2021

Application Instructions and Contact Info:


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