Facing Immigration II Student Mentor

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Sponsoring College, Department, School or Center: 
Humanities Lab
Faculty Name: 
Alexander Avina and Emir Estrada
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

* Collaboration skills that include the ability to create an inclusive environment and demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills.
* Have a genuine desire to help peers succeed.
*Demonstrate leadership. * Be self-motivated with a positive attitude.
* Display a willingness to learn about different disciplinary approaches.
* Critical thinking.
* Ability to synthesize information.
* Strong research skills..
* Interest in the challenges that surround immigration.
* All majors are welcome .

Closing Date: 
December 15, 2018
Location or Campus: 
Tempe Campus, https:://humanities.lab.asu.edu
Hours Per Week: 

Desired Academic Year: 
Project Description: 

ABOUT FACING IMMIGRATION ii: Why, for the past decade, has immigration been a major controversial force, shaping political developments across the globe? Why do individuals and communities all over the world migrate, historically and currently? Why and how do issues of race, class, and gender shape perceptions of immigrants and immigration? How can the issue of global immigration be humanized? Working together with faculty and local artists, students will be empowered to address these questions through collaborative, team-based and inquiry-focused learning, engaging these questions through different forms of artistic production that will be shared on campus and in the larger community. This lab is co-taught by Dr. Alexander Avina (SHPRS) and Dr. Emir Estrada (SHESC).

ABOUT THE HUMANITIES LAB: The Humanities Lab brings together students and faculty from a variety of backgrounds to work toward generating possible solutions that will potentially impact our society and create positive change in the world. Each lab offered by the Humanities Lab addresses a grand social challenge - food and water security, poverty, climate change, health and well-being, sexual violence, etc. - in which interdisciplinary teams develop questions and approaches to address an issue with no easy answer. The teams collaborate in a variety of hands-on activities to produce generative outcomes that they will synthesize to share with the public (ex. video, training module, policy proposal, exhibit, outreach projects). While students are mentored in collaborative, interdisciplinary work they build important job skills that employers are seeking.

ABOUT THE STUDENT MENTOR POSITION: Student mentors support and encourage Humanities Lab students' success. Through one-on-one group interactions, student mentors guide Lab students through the research process. As part of a team with students and faculty, a student mentor acts as a knowledgeable guide for students, a thoughtful facilitator, assists the faculty with course organization, and acts as a positive academic and team-building role model. While this is not a paid position, Honors Contracts may be offered through HUL/ASB/HST/SLC/WST 494.

LIST OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Assist faculty with pre-class session logistics. This may include arranging for space in the Library's Mkrspace, uploading files to Canvas, attending planning meetings, etc. Provide one on one and group support to students. Commit to the Lab throughout the semester. Regularly attend lab meetings and any additional lab hours.

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Please submit your resume/c.v. and a cover letter/email that introduces yourself and let us know why this position interests you, and the skills you posses that would make you a good collaborator in this interdisciplinary, inquiry-driven (rather than content-driven) Humanities Lab.. Please send to Monica Boyd, Program Coordinator for the Humanities Lab at mboyd2@asu.edu.