Data Driven Research on Biophysics

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Center for Biological Physics
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Steve Pressé
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

Physics, Biology, Math, Chemistry, Computer science,

Closing Date: 
May 1, 2019
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Project Description: 

Recent experimental developments have provided powerful means of studying biophysical processes that were previously inaccessible. For example single-molecule experiments can now reveal unique properties of proteins, DNA, RNA, etc. Despite the growing interest in these experiments, they still raise significant theoretical challenges and call upon a need for new modeling approaches that break the boundaries of existing fields.

Our group offers research opportunities in applying recent tools of Machine Learning and Statistics to help construct models of Life relevant to our work in Biophysics and apply tools to back out mathematical models directly from experimental data.

Currently we are looking to recruit students from the freshman to the junior level. The projects you will work on will help you develop interdisciplinary skills in the interface between Physics, Biology, Statistics and Machine Learning. Within our group you will be integrated with our expertise in Biophysics and the emergent fields of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.

Requirements: a strong motivation to learn how to program and learn statistics.

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Email Steve Pressé at