Upconverting Nanoparticles for Archived Human Brain Tissue Imaging

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Sponsoring College, Department, School or Center: 
Center for Applied Structural Discovery, Biodesign Institute
Faculty Name: 
Dr. Alexandra Ros
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Organic Chemistry

Closing Date: 
December 20, 2019
Location or Campus: 
BDC 398, Biodesign Institute Building C Tempe Campus ASU
Hours Per Week: 
6 to 8

Desired Academic Year: 
Project Description: 

Upconverting nanoparticles are materials that luminesce in the UV-Visible range, upon excitation with infrared light. The goal of this project is to synthesize nanoparticles with different color emissions, and develop an assay for multiplexed imaging of archived brain tissue. The student with learn how to synthesize, functionalize and characterize the nanoparticles by electron microscopy and spectroscopy. The student will also analyze the resulting data and prepare presentations with the results. In the second phase of this project will develop immunoassays for brain tissue imaging with these nanoparticles. For more information on the lab and pictures, visit https://biodesign.asu.edu/alexandra-ros/lab-news

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Please email Dr. Ana Egatz-Gomez, angomez@asu.edu, with your interest in this project, time availability and a brief biosketch