Research Fellowship with Phoenix Water Services: Direct use of SRP water in Eastlake

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Sponsoring College, Department, School or Center: 
City of Phoenix Water Services with ASU Decision Center for a Desert City
Faculty Name: 
Emily Wojcik Grunspan
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

The ideal candidate would have experience in research and analysis using GIS, real estate research, and would have strong verbal and written communication skills.

Closing Date: 
December 4, 2019
Location or Campus: 
200 West Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona 85003
Hours Per Week: 

Desired Academic Year: 
Project Description: 

Many neighborhoods in central Phoenix have slowly been reducing their use of non-potable SRP water that is delivered directly to their property. One of the results of that trend is a reduction in the amount of lush landscaping that served to keep those neighborhoods cooler in the summer months. The City of Phoenix is now looking at reviving direct delivery to some City-owned property in order to help combat the heat island effect. This is an undergraduate research fellowship available for spring 2020. The selected fellow will develop an original research project based on these topics as they and their fellowship supervisor identify as relevant.

Preferred Majors: Open to all majors.
Compensation: There is a stipend associated with this fellowship in the amount of $4,500.
Hours Per Week: The research fellow will work approximately 10 hours per week, actual hours to be determined by the fellowship supervisor and the fellow.

The deadline to apply is December 4, 2019.

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume detailing your interest and experience.
Submit materials to: Emily Grunspan, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Decision Center for a Desert City