Prenatal Supplement Optimization to Improve Mother's and Baby's Health

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Sponsoring College, Department, School or Center: 
Faculty Name: 
James B. Adams
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

biology, biochemistry, and nutrition.

Experience with reading scientific studies is a plus but not required.

Closing Date: 
March 10, 2021
Location or Campus: 
All work is done remotely
Hours Per Week: 
approximately 10 hours/week

Desired Academic Year: 
Project Description: 

We have conducted a literature review of over 350 articles on prenatal vitamin/mineral supplements, and used them to develop recommendations for an improved prenatal supplement that is soon going to be available commercially.

We want to continue our literature review to continue updating our research and recommendations on the optimal level of each vitamin and mineral in prenatal supplements

Students will review many scientific studies on a single vitamin or mineral, and work with Prof. Adams on adding to our current knowledge.

This is ideal for students interested in long-term research and graduate school research.

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Please send a CV, transcript, and a paragraph or so about why you are interested in developing better prenatals to prevent pregnancy complications and infant health problems.