Research Assistant - Photosynthesis

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Faculty Name: 
Kristen Lee
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

Biochemistry, chemistry, biology, plant biology, physics. Others may be accepted based on previous experience in a laboratory setting. A list of the preferred skills are below, but with the right candidate, we are willing to provide training:

Experience working in a biochemistry laboratory.
Experience in anaerobic bacterial cell culturing.
Experience working in a Coy anaerobic chamber and maintaining the anaerobic environment in the chamber.
Ability to perform necessary calculations for preparation of buffers, media and other solutions. Ability to follow detailed protocols sometimes performing repetitive tasks with accuracy.

Closing Date: 
April 25, 2021
Location or Campus: 
Hours Per Week: 

Desired Academic Year: 
Project Description: 

The student will be responsible for harvesting cells and growing them for photosystems 1 (PSI) and photosystems 2 (PSII) research. This research is focused on elucidating the structure-to-function relationship of membrane proteins involved in bioenergy conversion. Additionally, our center has vast experience unravelling the structure and function of photosystem I and II proteins and ATP synthase, which are each crucial for solar energy conversion in our biosphere. The incumbent will be responsible for the duties as below:

Various laboratory duties including cleaning, making buffers, media-making, glassware washing, prepare chemical stock solutions etc.
May perform data and graphical analysis.
Follow all standard operating procedures, safety, and security policies.
Media preparation for growth of Heliobacterial cultures. Preparing and aliquoting media in a Coy anaerobic chamber.
Preparation of anaerobic media, inoculation growth and maintenance of obligately anaerobic bacterial strains, assisting with protein purification and laboratory general duties and the recording of all methods and results in a laboratory notebook.
The student will be required to neatly and meticulously maintain a record of results in a notebook. Assist as needed to perform other related duties.

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Please email with your resume.