Antiviral therapeutics, DNA nanotechnology, Biochemistry/Biophysics

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Sponsoring College, Department, School or Center: 
Biodesign Institute
Faculty Name: 
Rizal F. Hariadi
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

We are looking for students who are dedicated and willing to learn. We can train the right candidate.
A list of the preferred skills are below, but with the right candidate, we are happy to provide training:
- the ability to follow protocols, perform calculations and give attention to details.
- experience with handling reagents and chemicals including buffer and media preparations.

Closing Date: 
April 21, 2021
Location or Campus: 
Biodesign Institute
Hours Per Week: 

Desired Academic Year: 
Project Description: 

Our lab is located in the Biodesign Institute where we have the opportunity to collaborate with different centers and laboratories with extensive expertise in designing and engineering biomolecules with exciting functionalities. This research, in particular, focuses on developing hybrid (DNA origami-protein, DNA-peptide, aptamer-protein) nanodevices with significant biological functions including modulation of viral infectivity. As with most research, our research is multidisciplinary that spans work in different fields, including but not limited to molecular biology, biochemistry, protein engineering, mammalian cell culture, and virology.

The incoming student will be mainly responsible for synthesizing DNA scaffolds, hybrid structures and collecting data related to viral infectivity. Some of the technical laboratory skills that they will learn to include AGE, PAGE, HPLC, ion-exchange chromatography, ELISA, and microscopy. Other lab duties include cleaning, making buffers and media, and assisting as needed to perform other lab-related duties.

In addition to the above-mentioned duties, students are expected to participate in weekly lab meetings where a few lab members will update the lab with their research progress and/or discuss journal articles pertaining to their research.

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Please email Rizal Hariadi at