Cu oxide films manufacturing and characterization

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Sponsoring College, Department, School or Center: 
School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Faculty Name: 
Dr. Yago Gonzalez Velo
Preferred Skills or Majors: 

Material Science, Chemical Engineering or EE

Closing Date: 
December 6, 2021
Location or Campus: 
Tempe campus - different buildings were laboratories are located
Hours Per Week: 
6 to 7 depending on skills of students

Desired Academic Year: 
Project Description: 

Novel films are always of interest in the semiconductor industry for reason such as making the manufacturing ‘easier’ or providing novel functionality. In our case we work in the laboratory on novel devices that have applications as non-volatile memory (to replace the flash-based device in your memory) but also in authentication and future brain-like computing often referred to as neuromorphic computing. In order to provide a manufacturing path to such devices we are interesting in copper oxide films as films providing an additional functionality to our devices, mostly a ‘rectification’ behavior that is beneficial is some cases. As such this research topic will delve into manufacturing of copper oxide films, their characterization : identifying composition and phases using tool such as XRD and TEM, identifying their optical band gap using UV-Vis and other properties such as doping type and resistivity. This research will introduce the student to a series of material analysis / characterization techniques that are commonly used by researcher and engineer in the semiconductor industry, and the analysis of their results. The research will also provide a strong background on manufacturing in the semiconductor industry as a wider knowledge base.

Application Instructions and Contact Info: 

Time commitment per week: 6 to 7 hours.

Possibility to target FURI project and using this work for a Honors Thesis is encouraged.

Please Contact: Dr. Yago Gonzalez Velo at and CC Pr. Michael Kozicki at

Send a CV as well as a short letter/statement of interest introducing yourself and your motivation. Positions: 2 or more