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Barrett, the Honors College wants all students to take advantage of the diverse landscapes and rich ecosystems we have here in the United States. Barrett wants to take students own unique adventures that showcase and highlight how truly diverse the United States’ landscape truly is. Students will get to explore amazing National Parks- such as the natural rock formations in Zion National Park or learn about the geology of Antelope Canyon, or students will discover self-sustaining ecosystems such as the Florida Everglades. Check back here for more information about upcoming trips.

Horseshoe Bend
This trip has reached capacity and is no longer accepting registrations at this time. If you would like to add your name to the waitlist, you may do so below.
Come and explore one of the most diverse and vibrant US cities with Barrett! Barrett students will spend some time in Miami discovering the lively culture of the city mixed with the astonishing ecosystem of the Everglades.