The Barrett Suite at West

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The Barrett Suite is located in University Center Building (UCB) 201. The Barrett Suite is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Inspiration painted on the walls of the Barrett Suite

The Barrett Suite is the hub of the Barrett community on the West campus. Here, Barrett students have beautiful and welcoming spaces to relax, study, and engage the Barrett community.  The suite hosts honors lectures, receptions for visiting academics, art and music workshops, and film screenings. The suite is also where students can meet with honors faculty, honors advisors, and work with student organizations.


Study space in the Barrett Suite


Many of the spaces within the Barrett Suite have unique functions.  These spaces are named after important figures in art, literature, philosophy, and science.

The travel board in the Whitman Open SpaceWhitman Open Space 

Named in honor of Walt Whitman’s idea of an open and egalitarian society, this is the heart of the Barrett Suite. On most days Barrett students use this space to take a break, read, and visit with friends. The Whitman Open Space is often alive with great conversations between the Barrett students, alumni, and faculty about everything from discussing the latest movies to pondering solutions to the most complex social issues.

This space is also used for club meetings, movie nights, lectures, and receptions. Alumni mentors also use this space to be available for students with questions.

Whitman Open Space


Archimedes Computer RoomArchimedes

 The computer lab is equipped with 5 new PCs and a 2 new Macs. It also has a charging station for mobile devices and a new printer/copier, which Barrett students can use for free.



Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena is the thesis defense room.  The room is also used for departmental and club meetings.

Athena Thesis Defense Room


The film viewing room has a large flatscreen TV and a movie library. Students use this room not only to view movies but to study, play board games, nap, and talk with friends.

Kurosawa film and game room


The library includes the student thesis/creative project library and faculty library and is a quiet place to study in the corner of the Suite.

The Rosalind Franklin Study Room has a whiteboard with comfortable chairs and couchesRosalind Franklin

The group study room is named after Rosalind Franklin, who played a critical role in a group of scientists who discovered the structure of DNA. This space where Barrett students can bring people from other classes to work on projects, or just study with friends.

Free Printing

Barrett students enjoy free printing in the Barrett West computer lab, as well as access to PC and Macintosh computers.