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Barrett students at Downtown have access to all of the amenities and benefits of Barrett and ASU together.

Exclusive for Barett students is the Barrett Suite. The suite is open Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. 

Academic Amenities

Barrett’s nationally and internationally-known honors academic experience, dedicated faculty fellows, and high number of national scholars attract the most gifted undergraduates in the country. Barrett is designed to integrate the quality, care, and advocacy of a small college experience with the vast resources of a premier PAC 12, Research I university.

Students have access to:

Social Amenities

Barrett students on or off-campus have access to Barrett Events. These events, ranging from ski trips to bowling, are exclusively for honors students and are based on student engagement surveys. We are always looking for student feedback to help improve the Barrett experience. 

Barrett students are encouraged to participate in Barrett Student Organizations

Social campus amenities include the Educational Outreach and Student Services department (EOSS).

Campus Amenities

Campus-wide amenities include:

Writing Center

Barrett Downtown students have access to Barrett Writing Center services. This is an excellent opportunity to have papers reviewed before turning them in. Click here for more information.

Computer Lab and Printing

Barrett Downtown students have access to the Barrett Suite computer lab and free printing.

Residential Amenities

Barrett Downtown students live in Taylor Place fully immersed in the college experience. Located on the first floor of Taylor Place is the Dining Facilities offered to students. Barrett students have a built-in network of support from staff, CAs, RCSLs, and Peer Mentors to help access with the college experience. 

Other Amenities include:

  • Fitness center
  • Community kitchen
  • Laundry rooms
  • Study rooms
  • Common spaces
  • To see more click here