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Exciting, Wholesome, Informed

To complement a “living and learning environment” at Barrett, we understand that our meal plan program must do more than serve students’ basic needs.  It must encourage them to spend more time on campus studying, learning, and living with fellow students, peer mentors, and Barrett faculty by offering an exceptional environment.  One of the main features of our residential college is its exceptional dining program. From the beginning, Dean Jacobs envisioned a refectory modeled after the college dining at Harvard, Yale, and in the British university systems.

Chef Station in Barrett Dining Hall - Tempe

The Barrett experience is like no other living-learning experience offered at Arizona State University.  The meal plans should look different, too.  Barrett students will have options not available to students living in traditional residential communities—upscale menu items including local, organic, and sustainable foods, ethnic foods, sushi, and signature desserts.

By implementing our innovative culinary preparation and service practices, students will enjoy the variety and ingenuity of multiple menu concepts—from vegan options to steak and salmon.  Also, there are special menus at select stations each month. 

In keeping with our sustainable intentions, local food providers will be featured as “local flavors” for students to enjoy.

Distinct Features of the Barrett Meal Plan

There are twice as many meal options at Barrett with a menu concentrating on health and fresh (farm-to-fresh) ingredients.  The menu is more diverse with choices from organic vegetables to personally carved roast beef and grilled cage-free chicken, to freshly baked breads prepared right before your eyes.  Food station menus change daily.  Learn more about the dining experience by reviewing the Servery floor plan to see the layout of the state-of-the-art stations offering the following options: Vegetarian & Vegan, Tuscan Pizza, Made-to-Order Pasta, Fresh & Green, Stacked Deli, Simmering Soup, Home Cooked, Rotisserie, Grilled, Around the World, Bakery, and Gelato.  At each station, we feature education information surrounding the daily dining experience, from where the day’s green beans are harvested to explaining the Monterrey Bay Seafood practices and how we abide by them. 

Barrett Dining Hall - Tempe

About the Meal Plan

Barrett students living in the Barrett complex on the Tempe campus are required to have a Barrett Meal Plan. The honors college, in collaboration with Barrett students, participated in establishing the meal plans and negotiating the costs with the University dining vendor, Aramark, who ultimately sets the rates and options. Barrett freshmen have one of three options for their required meal plan.

Dining plan changes for University Housing Resident students are accepted up through the first week of the Fall and Spring semesters. If you need to change your dining plan, please submit your change online. Meal plan change forms are available through the University Housing Office in the ASU Student Services Building. Once that period has ended, your meal plan will be confirmed for the remainder of the year. You may add M&G throughout the year by contacting Campus Dining. 

Barrett students at Vista del Sol and off-campus students are encouraged to select a dining plan to join students, faculty, and staff in the Barrett dining hall. More information, please visit Sun Devil Dining.

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