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The honors residential community on the Downtown campus is housed in Taylor Place. In partnership with ASU Housing, Barrett works to create a supportive environment for all residents. Should you have any additional questions that are not addressed below, please email Kira Gatewood

How is the Barrett Residential College community staffed?

There is a professional full-time University Housing staff dedicated to the Barrett Residential Life community. Community Directors live in Taylor Place to provide 24/7 support to students. There are approximately five student Community Assistants (CAs) living with the residents of our community. The Barrett faculty, administrative staff, and deans have their offices in the University Center Building. 

For more information on becoming a CA or to learn more about University Housing staff and their roles, click here.

What is the housing expectation for Barrett students?

Living on campus is critical to a successful transition to university life and first-year academic success. Each residential college provides access to resources and services to prepare you for the rigors of your academic major and success in your chosen discipline.

ASU expects first-time freshmen to live on campus in the residential college of his or her major, with the exception of honors students who live in the Barrett Residential College. As a result, University Housing guarantees to house to all first-time freshmen. Students who intend to live elsewhere during their first year should notify University Housing, so we can connect you to valuable resources and support for your first year.

To apply to live on campus, or to notify us that you will be living elsewhere, please log in to the My Housing Portal and complete your housing intention form/application.

I am a second-year Barrett student; do I have to live in the Barrett Residential Community?

Second-year Barrett students are expected to live in the Barrett Residential College at the campus of their primary major. The Barrett Honors experience is such that first and second-year students live on campus as a part of the signature four-year Barrett residential college community. Activities, events, college connections, and access to resources are some of the benefits of living in the Barrett community for the second year. 

How do students apply for housing?

All students must apply online to live on campus by going to the University Housing & Residential Life web page or through the housing portal on their MyASU page. In the housing portal, you will be able to sign your license agreement, find a roommate, and select your room from those that are currently available. 

What is the Housing and Dining Confirmation fee?

All University Housing & Residential Life students must read and electronically or physically sign the University Housing License Agreement. For upper division students, a nonrefundable Housing and Dining Confirmation fee will be automatically billed to their ASU student account and will be due immediately. This fee is for processing, preparing, and reserving your housing preferences. This is not considered a contract fee and is due regardless of whether an actual housing assignment is made.

If I live in Barrett housing, is a meal plan also required?

All first-year ASU students living on-campus, including Barrett students at the four metropolitan Phoenix campuses, are required to have a meal plan. Residential Barrett students on the Downtown Campus purchase one of the Traditional Meal Plans.

Is alcohol allowed in the Barrett Residential College for those that are 21?

Alcohol is not permitted on any of the ASU campuses or in any of the residential communities, including Barrett.

If I want to cook some of my own food, where are the kitchens located in Taylor Place?

The kitchen is located on the first floor of Taylor Place.

Are there any situations where a student might live for only one semester in Barrett?

If a student needs to leave anytime during the academic year, they must petition for a release from their License Agreement. Students should inform their Community Director. Typical justifications for a License Agreement Release (LAR) include extraordinary financial or medical hardship, study abroad opportunities, withdrawal/transfer/graduation from ASU, academic internship sponsored by ASU, and military duty activation. 

Are there co-ed floors in the Barrett Residential College community?

Yes, but males and females do not share a room or bathroom, just common hall space. The university offers gender-inclusive housing accommodations for interested students. More information about this option can be found here.

Is family housing available?

Family housing is available to students with dependents on ASU’s Polytechnic campus. More information about this option can be found here