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General FAQs

I am a second-year Barrett student; do I have to live in the Barrett residential community? Top ]

Barrett, The Honors College, offers a distinctive four-year residential experience.  Barrett students live in the honors community at the ASU campus of their major for their first two years, and many choose to stay all four years to take advantage of the world-class amenities and on-campus convenience.

Second-year Barrett students continue to live in the honors residential community at the ASU campus of their primary academic major. Learn more about the Barrett residential experience on the Tempe campus.

Can I choose which campus I live on? [ Top ]

All Arizona State University students live on the campus of their primary academic major.  Barrett students live in the honors community at the ASU campus of their primary major.

Are the floors in the Barrett Residential College community mixed sex? [ Top ]

Yes, but males and females do not share a room or bathroom, just common hall space. The university offers gender-inclusive housing accommodations for interested students. More information about this option can be found here.

Is alcohol allowed in the Barrett residential college for those that are 21? [ Top ]

Alcohol is not permitted on any of the ASU campuses or in any of the residential communities, including Barrett.

What are "Special Communities" within the 4-year Barrett residential college? [ Top ]

First-year students with majors in the Fulton Schools of Engineering, the W.P. Carey School of Business, and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts are encouraged (but not required) to live in college-focused communities. The Barrett Engineering and Herberger communities are located in Cereus Hall, and the W.P. Carey School of Business honors community is located in Agave Hall.

The Sustainability House at Barrett (also known as SHAB) is an intentionally-designed, student-led community created for students from any major who have an interest in sustainable living. SHAB freshmen live in Sage Hall South and SHAB upper division students live in Sage Hall North.  Learn more about living in SHAB.

Where is the closest parking? [ Top ]

The closest parking structure to the Barrett residential community is the ASU Rural Road garage at the intersection of Rural Road and Lemon Drive.  Upper Division students living in Barrett @ Vista can park in the Vista del Sol garage, which is now managed by the ASU Parking and Transit Office.  Many students also choose the less expensive option of Lot 59, located on the north side of campus next to Sun Devil Stadium and accessible by the university FLASH shuttle bus.

Barrett Residential Amenities

What furniture is included in the rooms? [ Top ]

In the first-year student halls of Agave, Cereus, Rosewood, and Sage North, each student has the following: twin extra-long bed with mattress, desk chair, desk with one-shelf hutch, small file cabinet with shelf, three-drawer chest, and two-shelf bookcase. Every student also has a two-sided closet with two mirrored sliding doors. Rooms with a private bedroom/private bath have a full bed rather than a twin extra-long.

The bedroom furniture in the quad rooms of Cottonwood, Juniper, and Rosewood for first-year students and Willow for upper-division students is the same as the other room types. Common area furniture for the quads includes a kitchen table with four chairs, mini refrigerator, small sink, sofa, chair, end table, coffee table, and entertainment center.

The Barrett @ Vista del Sol private rooms include a full-size bed, dresser, nightstand, study desk, and a chair. The shared room in the 3 bedroom apartment includes two twin beds, two study desks, two chairs, two nightstands and two dressers. Common area furniture includes leather-style furniture, a sofa and side chair, a coffee table and end table, dining nook stools and an entertainment center. Each suite also has its own stackable washer and dryer.

Do any of the rooms have a full-size bed? [ Top ]

Full-size beds are available in private bedroom/private bathrooms and some of the four-bedroom quad units in Willow Hall:

303, 304, 305, 307, 310, 311

403, 404, 405, 407, 410, 411

503, 504, 505, 507, 510, 511

Private rooms in the Barrett @ Vista del Sol community for upper division students also contain full-size beds.

If I want to cook some of my own food, where are the kitchens located in the Barrett complex?Top ]

Each of the residence halls in the Barrett Complex has a single kitchen located within their respective sky lounge. Juniper, Rosewood, and Willow Halls share a kitchen facility, and there is a kitchen in SHAB on the second floor of Sage South.

Apartments in the upper division Barrett @ Vista del Sol community contain a full-sized kitchen with black appliances, full-size refrigerator with ice maker, electric oven/range, garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave, and built-in dining area with stool.

Is there married housing? [ Top ]

This option is only available at the ASU Polytechnic campus.

Dining and Meal Plans

Where can I find information about the dining and meal plans? [ Top ]

Learn about dining in Barrett meal plan options in Tempe.

If I live in Barrett housing, is a Meal Plan also required? Top ]

All first-year ASU students living on-campus and upper division students living in Barrett Complex are required to have a meal plan.  Barrett students will select a meal plan from the unique honors-only options.  Barrett Upper Division students living in Vista del Sol are strongly encouraged to have a meal plan, and they have additional offerings from which to choose.

What are the unique benefits of the Barrett meal plans and Dining Hall?  Top ]

Barrett students will have options not available to students living in traditional residential communities—upscale menu items including local, organic, and sustainable foods, ethnic foods, sushi, and signature desserts. Learn more about the Barrett dining hall.

Barrett/University Housing Staff

How is the Barrett Residential College community staffed? [ Top ]

There are ten professional full-time University Housing staff dedicated to the Barrett Residential College community. Community Directors live in the Barrett Residential Complex and Barrett @ Vista del Sol to provide 24/7 support to students. There are 91 student Community Assistants (CAs) living with the residents of our community. For more information about becoming a CA or learning about University Housing staff and their job duties, visit the Student Employment page.

What is the process to become a Community Assistant and Peer Mentor? Top ]

The CA selection process for each academic year begins during the fall semester of the previous year. University Housing advertises the comprehensive application process. Questions should be directed to any of the Barrett Community Assistants or to the Barrett University Housing professional staff.

Students may also apply each spring semester to the Barrett Peer Mentor position. Barrett Peer Mentors serve the first-year Engineering, Herberger, and Business communities, as well as Upper Division students in the Barrett @ Vista residential community. Vista and off-campus Peer Mentors are compensated with a private room/private bath in a 4-bedroom apartment in the Vista community and Barrett Complex Peer Mentors are compensated with a private room/shared bath. Questions should be directed to Ellyse Crow at Ellyse.Crow@asu.edu.

Who should I contact with a facilities request?  Top ]

Students should submit a maintenance request for any facilities issue here.

Who should I contact with a roommate concern? Top ]

Students should contact their Community Director.

I am an incoming Barrett student, who should I contact with Housing questions? Top ]

Questions about fall 2020 move-in should be directed to Housing@asu.edu. Be sure to identify yourself as a Barrett student and provide your 10-digit student ID #. General questions about the honors college community and residential experience may be directed to Natalie Lang at natalielang@asu.edu.

New Barrett Students - Housing Application Process

How do students apply for housing? [ Top ]

All students must apply online to live on campus by going to the ASU University Housing web page or through the housing portal on their My ASU page by logging in with their ASURITE ID and password. In the housing portal, you will be able to sign your license agreement, find a roommate, and select your room from those that are currently available before orientation for incoming freshmen and during Barrett Housing Renewal for upper division students.

I was just accepted to Barrett but have already selected a room in another community. How do I change that? [ Top ]

Students can adjust their housing assignment once admitted to Barrett online through the housing portal on their MyASU page during housing selection. If you log into the portal and cannot see Barrett residence halls, please e-mail University Housing at housing@asu.edu or call (480) 965-3515.

I am an upper division student, and I noticed that there is an additional fee. What is that? [ Top]

All University Housing & Residential Life students must read and electronically or physically sign the University Housing License Agreement. For upper division students, a nonrefundable Housing and Dining Confirmation fee will be automatically billed to their ASU student account and will be due immediately. This fee is for processing, preparing, and reserving your housing preferences. This is not considered a contract fee and is due regardless of whether an actual housing assignment is made.

Are there any situations where a student might live for only one semester in Barrett? [ Top ]

If a student needs to leave anytime during the academic year, they must petition for a release from their License Agreement. Students should inform their Community Director. Typical justifications for a License Agreement Release (LAR) include extraordinary financial or medical hardship, study abroad opportunities, withdrawal/transfer/graduation from ASU, academic internship sponsored by ASU, and military duty activation.

Continuing Students - Barrett Priority Housing Renewal Process

What is housing renewal?Top ]

Housing renewal is the time of year where current students select their housing for the next academic year. For the 2020-21 academic year, Barrett students on the Tempe campus will participate in the Barrett Priority Housing Renewal process, which runs November 1-November 6, 2019.

How does the Barrett Priority Housing process work?Top ]

The Barrett Priority Housing process has been implemented within the ASU Housing portal. No priority forms will be used. Barrett students will also get to select their spaces beginning November 12, 2019. Complete roommate groups will still be prioritized (i.e. four person groups desiring a 4 bedroom apartment have an earlier selection date than 2 person groups who want a 4 bedroom apartment). Those that already live in Vista will receive an earlier lottery time than students who do not currently live in Vista.

How many roommates do I need in order to complete the Barrett Priority Housing Request?Top ]

All rising sophomores, as well as juniors and seniors who want to live on campus, should complete the Barrett Priority Housing process. Roommate groups in complete apartments at Vista del Sol will be prioritized, along with Barrett students who currently live in Vista.  For example, a 4 person group requesting a 4 bedroom apartment will receive priority over a 2 person group requesting a 4 bedroom apartment.

Will I be able to electronically self-select an apartment or room? Top ]

Yes. Roommate groups and individuals will be able to select their space based on the following calendar:

November 1-November 6:  application open for BHC students. Students should login to the University Housing portal on MyASU and sign their agreement. Students with roommates should create a roommate group in the portal.

Priority Housing Selection Dates:

  • November 12-13:                  4 person groups
  • November 13-14:                  3 person groups
  • November 14-15:                  2 person and singles

Students that sign the agreement by 5 p.m. will receive a lottery time via an email from ASU Housing on November 8 with the date and time to select a space.

I have only 1 roommate I want to live with, but I want to live in a 4-bedroom apartment in Vista. Is this possible?
Top ]

As a 2 person roommate group, you will be able to select your space from the available units on 11/9. Be sure that you and your roommate have applied, signed the agreement, and created a roommate group in the ASU Housing portal. Whichever one of you has the earliest lottery time should be designated the leader of the group and should select the space at the appointed lottery time on 11/1-11/2.

If I don’t know who I want to room with, may I still select a bed space or room on my own? Top ]

Yes. Any Barrett returning students who want to live on campus without a roommate group may select from available space on 11/1-11/2. Students must have an application completed and the agreement must be signed. You are encouraged to complete your profile in the ASU Housing application to find a roommate.

I’m going to be a sophomore in 2020-21 and I plan to apply to be a Community Assistant or Peer Mentor. Should I complete a housing application?Top ]

Yes, it is recommended that you complete a housing application, sign the agreement, and select housing. Residential leader positions are competitive. If you are hired, ASU Housing will change your housing assignment.

I’m not sure where I want to live. Is it okay to wait? Top ]

If you will be a sophomore, you will be living in the Barrett residential community. Most sophomores live in Barrett @ Vista del Sol, but some choose to remain in Barrett Complex in Sage North (Sustainability House at Barrett) or Willow (a meal plan is required to live in Barrett Complex). For students who will be juniors or seniors, you are highly encouraged to live on campus in the Barrett community to have the support of residential staff and student leaders and to be close to your classes, study groups and activities.

Don’t wait to select housing on campus in the Barrett residential community!

I want to live with a non-Barrett friend in Vista. Is this possible? Top ]

Barrett’s priority is to fill Vista del Sol with Barrett students. Therefore, until every effort has been made to fill the space with Barrett students, non-Barrett students will not be able to select housing at Vista del Sol. Your non-Barrett friend should select housing at another upper division community during General Upper Division Housing Renewal.

I will be studying abroad next year. What should I do? Top ]

If you are studying abroad in the fall 2020 semester, there is no need to renew housing at this time. The housing application for spring 2021 will open in October 2021 and you will apply for spring 2021 housing at that time.

If you are studying abroad in spring 2021, you will renew your housing at this time. In the fall 2020 semester, you will submit a License Agreement Release through the ASU Housing online portal. You will submit a Study Abroad approval letter.

When will I receive my lottery time to select a space? Top ]

Students that sign the agreement by 5 p.m. on November 6 will receive a lottery time via an email from ASU Housing on November 8 with the date and time to select a space.

I live off campus and want to move back to campus. When can I sign up for housing? Top ]

Priority is given to Barrett students who currently live on the Tempe campus. Therefore, off campus students and students studying abroad for the fall 2020 semester will be able to sign up for housing and select space during general selection, which starts December 3. Students will not be able to join roommate groups during priority selection for on campus students; however, groups can move into any open spaces with a current off campus student starting December 3.

Barrett Residential Safety/Access

Safety is a top priority in Barrett, and we invite you to be proactive and learn about safety both in the residence halls and on the ASU campus by clicking here.